FYE: The importance of Personal Health


I’ve always found comfort in maintaining a healthy diet, exercising often, and getting plenty of sleep in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I take pride in the fact that I place my health as a top priority. Recently, however, I’ve found it to be challenging to maintain the once healthy lifestyle I took pride in. That being said, I’ve spent time reflecting on my healthy lifestyle and how to ensure that I am getting of all the nutrients I need in order to fulfill my health needs.

I throughly enjoy eating healthy. I will often go out of my way in order to eat a healthy snack or meal. Yes, it can be extremely annoying when I have to pay extra for a salad or side of fruit and even tempting to say “screw it” and enjoy french fries and a milkshake, but I’ve developed a wonderful sense of will power over the years. In college, I work to maintain a healthy diet but carefully choosing what I want to eat. I try to choose foods that will give me a substantial amount of energy that will last all day, keep me fuller longer, and have plenty of vitamins and minerals. These factors are all very important to me when choosing what to eat.

My gym at home is my baby. I went religious every morning and sometimes ended my day with an additional workout. When I came to Penn State, I immediately got a gym membership, thinking it would be no different than my gym at home and my workout schedule would remain the same. I could not have been more wrong. I find it difficult to get to the gym even three times a week! Of course, I outweigh my lack of presence at the gym with the excuse “I’m walking nearly 7 miles a day,” but I still find myself craving that post-workout feeling. Unlike most people, I LOVE to sweat.

The only thing I seem to have going for me is my sleep schedule. I adore my bed and love curling up with my stuffed Mickey Mouse at the end of a long day. I have yet to pull an all nighter (and I’d like to keep it that way). I go to bed at a reasonably hour every night and wake up early to get my work done. I could not imagine it any other way.

Bottom line: college tests your ability to maintain the lifestyle you once had, in every possibly aspect. It is important to remember your morals and values when it comes to maintaining your previous lifestyle.

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