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Support Documentation

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Sites at Penn State and WordPress, from basic WordPress features to theme and plugin set-up instructions.


The TLT Accessibility group has tested WordPress and all of the themes available on the platform for accessibility (assuring that anyone can access the content, regardless of the device being used). All of the themes provided have been improved as much as possible for accessibility based on their recommendations.

With regard to content (headers, titles, images, pdfs, videos, etc.) and any customizations, it is the user’s responsibility to optimize content for accessibility. The Penn State Accessibility website (external link) covers some of the top blockers and best practices regarding Sites at Penn State and WordPress.

Some of the topics it covers:
Selecting Themes
Page & Document Titles
Headings & Subheadings
Copy and Paste from Word
Link Text
Image ALT Tags
Video & Audio
Customizing Appearance