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Support Documentation

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Sites at Penn State and WordPress, from basic WordPress features to theme and plugin set-up instructions.


Search Engine Results

If you want your site to appear in search engine results, first check your settings to make sure your site is set to be crawled by search engines. You will find this setting in your Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Site Visibility. Make sure that the “Allow Search Engines to index this site” is chosen. Make sure you do not have any of the Privacy options selected. Keep in mind that even if your settings are such that your site is publicly viewable, Google (and other search engines) still may not know that the site exists yet because no one on the public web is linking to it. To expedite the search indexing process, you can submit the site for crawling – additionally you can set up your site in the Google Webmaster tools. It allows you to enter a code that verifies with Google that you are the site owner, and from there you can see how often Google crawls your site. Another really great resource with tips for increasing traffic is this article by wpmudev, Increase Traffic to your Site with these Tried and Tested Blogging Tips (external link).

Site Statistics

You can connect your own Google Analytics account to your account in Settings > Google Analytics. This provides more detailed statistics which you view inside your Google Analytics account.

Note: Jetpack’s Stats feature is unfortunately no longer supported with CampusPress. You should also be able to access your previous site stats from within your account.