Women and Literature: Past, Present, Future

As Virginia Woolf observed in her time that it was only a matter of time before women would take an equal role with men in society, we continue to see growth and change to that end. Women’s Studies departments are appearing and growing on more college campuses each year, and their work is building more bridges with other areas of study, from literature and education to psychology and anthropology and just about everything in between. Their studies continue to raise important questions, such as the possibility of a link between the low standing of Education departments on campus and the fact that teaching has been a traditionally “female” vocation, or the creation of “Women’s Literature” courses is necessary to offer students the opportunity to be exposed to writings by women in the classroom because those authors are still largely neglected in typical Literature courses. What is the current “place” for women in academia, particularly in Literature and Education, and what are!
the goals for the future? What milestones have been accomplished by women in the past that remain hidden in the shadows of history?

Editors of River Walk Journal online bi-monthly are seeking abstracts on the previous topics, 500 words or less. Finished papers should be 8000 words or less. Initial submissions of abstracts only will be accepted until January 31st, 2008, tentative publication date is set for the May/June Anniversary issue of the journal. Submissions with full contact information, CV, and cover letter should be sent to publisher_at_riverwalkjournal.org, with “Women in Lit CFP” in the subject line ­ rtf and doc format file attachments only.

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