Violence and Terror: Domestic and Global Spaces

The Pennsylvania State University

Women’s Studies Graduate Organization (WSGO)

7th Annual Graduate Conference

Saturday, March 1, 2008

“Violence and Terror: Domestic and Global Spaces” is an
interdisciplinary conference designed to bring together faculty and
students from across campus and the community to engage in
research, art, discussion, and activism concerning issues of
violence, gender, terror, and politics encompassing the public,
private, domestic, and global.

Keynote Speaker: Mary Hawkesworth
Mary Hawkesworth, Chair and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies
and a member of the graduate faculty in political science at
Rutgers Univeristy. Dr. Hawkseworth is also currently the editor
of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 2005-2010 and is
the editor of War & Terror: Feminist Perspectives which will be
published in spring 2008. Her teaching and research interests
include feminist theory, women and politics, contemporary political
philosophy, philosophy of science, and social policy.

Performance Artist: Ben Atherton-Zeman
Mr. Atherton-Zeman has 15 years’ experience as a prevention
educator for domestic and sexual violence centers and is currently
a spokesperson for the National Organization for Men Against
Sexism. His one-man show, titled: “Voices of Men”, is an
educational comedy that addresses men’s roles in ending male
violence and abuse against women. The “Voices of Men” performance
is highly acclaimed by universities as well as domestic and sexual
violence centers across the country.

Proposals are invited from scholars, artists, and activists in any
field related to gender, sex, and feminism. Proposals can be for a
paper, a panel, a poster, an art exhibit/installation, interactive
discussion, or a performance. Interdisciplinary, multinational,
and experimental panels are welcome. Panel and performance
proposals should include a 250 word abstract; individual papers
should include a 500 word abstract. Proposals for performance/ artwork need to specify space and time requirements. Paper
presentations will be limited to 15 minutes. Please also include
name(s) of presenter(s), affiliations, any equipment needed, and
any accommodations you require. The deadline for submissions is
January 31, 2008.

Please submit your proposal via email to:

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