The Library Instruction Cookbook

Call for Proposals

Bonjour, Library Instructors!

Doug and Ryan are at it again, only this time it’s Chef Ryan and Chef Doug. We have the approval from ACRL to do a Library Instruction Cookbook. If you are a Gourmet Instructor, we want your recipes for instruction.

Working Book Title: The Library Instruction Cookbook: 50+ Active Recipes for 1-Shot Sessions. By Chef Ryan Sittler and Chef Doug Cook (Chicago: ACRL, summer 2009).

Read on for details……

Ground Rules
1. Your submission must describe an activity (We are working on the assumption that students learn best when they are involved in the process.)

2. The lesson plan for the activity cannot involve more than 10 minutes of librarian talk. (Our second assumption is that you like to hear yourself talk more than students do. We’ll give you 10 minutes to introduce the activity.)

3. Your proposal must address as much of the following as possible:

Your Name, University, and E-mail
Potential Cookbook Category
Activity Goal/Purpose
Main Ingredients (Equipment, supplies, etc)
Preparation (before the class starts)
The Instruction Session
Main Instructional Technique
Subject/Discipline addressed
Length of session – one to two hhours
Audience/Class size – freshmen, no more than thirty
ALA Information Dietary Standards Addressed
Reaction/Reflection –
Instructional Resources/Handouts
4. If your submission gets chosen, you need to include a picture of your students in action. (Cookbooks need pictures.)

5. Creative is good! Light, nutritious, and filling are good. This is a cookbook!

6. We need 3-5 page chapters for teaching activities in the following Cookbook Categories:

General Library Orientation
Database Demonstration
Evaluation of Resources (Web site, journal article, primary vs. secondary sources, magazine vs. journal, etc.)
Specialized Subject Research (archives, local information, subject oriented, etc.
Advanced Research (seniors, graduate students, etc.)
7. We also plan to utilize a blog with the book as a way to allow readers to provide the Library Instruction Community with feedback. (feedback….cookbook…it’s made in heaven…). Go to to see the beginning of the blog and to see sample chapters, which may give you some recipe ideas.

8. Email your proposals (in a .doc attachment) to Doug Cook [] and to Ryan Sittler [], by May 15, 2008. If your proposal is accepted, the final recipe will need to be submitted to us (tentatively) by December 31, 2008. We are planning for the cookbook to debut at ALA Annual 2009.

Bon Appetit!

Chef Ryan Sittler

Chef Doug Cook –

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