Call for Contributors: Encyclopedia of Infanticide

Co-editors: Brigitte Bechtold (Central Michigan University;
) and Donna Cooper Graves (University of Tennessee at
Martin; ).

This one-volume specialized encyclopedia, to be published by the Edwin Mellen Press,
will be devoted to the topic of infanticide across human history and in its worldwide context. While remaining accessible to the general public, this interdisciplinary encyclopedia will be aimed primarily at college students, scholars in related fields, and professionals. It will include entries of various lengths, and longer contributions on broad geographic areas. All will be signed by their authors, who will also receive individual bylines in the volume.

* Identify the entries you are interested in submitting via email to both
co-editors by June 15, 2008
* Include an attachment in Windows XP of your 2-page CV, with your academic
affiliation, and areas of research and teaching
* Completed short entries (250, 500, 750 words) will be due September 15, 2008
* Completed long entries (1000 or 2,500 words) will be due December 15, 2008
* The maximum number of references per entry is as follows: 3 for entries of 250
words; 4 for entries of 500 words; 5 for entries of 750 words, 7 for entries of 1000
words, and 10 for the 2,500 word essays. Only one internet source should be included
per entry. In their introductory overview, the co-editors will include a list of

Geographic areas

We are looking for several substantive submissions of 2500 words, covering the large
geographic areas listed below. For these, the following topics must be addressed:
poverty, infanticide rationale, sex selection, midwifery, abandonment, urban-rural
patterns, criminalization, forensics, legislation, high-profile cases.

Africa; Arab world; Australia; Caribbean, Central and Latin America; China; Europe
(Continental); India; Japan and Korea; United Kingdom and the Commonwealth; United

For the following entries, the recommended number of words is in parentheses.
Suggestions for additional entries will be given due consideration. If your term is
one included in the substantive geographic areas listed above, your entry should
focus only on the definitional character of the term.

A Abandonment (250); Aboriginal (250); Abortion (500); Accusation (250); Antiquity

B Baby farms (1000); Birth defects (250); Birth order (500)

C Cannibalism (250); Case study (250); Census (750); Child murder (250);
Colonialism (1000); Commission of violence (1000); Concealment of birth (750);
Coroners (750); Criminalization (1000)

D Demography (1000); Dowry (250)

E Ellenborough Act (250); Environment (500)

F Fairy tales (500); Feral children (250); Filicide (250); Forensics (1000);
Foundling homes (750); Foucault, Michel (250); Freud, Sigmund (250)

G Goebbels, Magda (250)

H High-profile cases (750); Honor Killing (250); Hugo, Victor (250); Hydrostatic
lung test (500)

I Illegitimacy (500); Incest (750); Infant depositories (750); Industrialization;
(1000); Inheritance (500)

L Langer, William L. (250); Lawmakers (250); Legislation (250); Literary fiction

M Mal de m�choire (250); Medea (250); Medieval period (750); Methodology (1000);
Midwifery (500); Mythology (500)

N Neonaticide (250); Nineteenth Century (500); Nomadism (500)

O Omission of care (500); One-child policy (500); Overlaying (250)

P Pacific Islands (500); Paternal recognition (250); Patriarchy (750); Poor farms
(500); Post-partum depression (750); Post-traumatic stress (250); Poverty (500);
Pre-history (1000); Puerperal fever (500)

R Rape (250); Religion (500); Rural (250); Roe v. Wade (250)

S Sen, A. K. (250); Servitude (1000); Sex ratio (500) ; Sex selection (250);
Slavery (1000); Statute, 1624, James I (250); Stigma (250)

T Tours d’abandon (500); Twinship (500)

U Urban (500)

V Villerm� (250)

W Wetnursing (750); Women’s shelters (500); Women’s studies (250); World Health
Organization (500)

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