Socialisation of the global sexually explicit imagery: challenges to regulation and research

CALL FOR PAPERS Note deadline extended to June 20, 2008

We invite papers for a one-day symposium on the global sexually explicit
imagery on 30 September 2008, in Athens.

The symposium is intended as a forum that will explore the ways in which the
sexually explicit imagery is socialised through technological, political
economic, cultural and other processes. The symposium aims at bringing
together scholars working on the broader field of pornography in order to
explore, analyse and articulate the need to review and revisit academic,
political and cultural understandings of pornography and analyse law and
policy based responses to its changing nature, as a global media industry, a
form of cultural product with global reach and power to shape meaning and
values, as well as an actor affecting public policy. The symposium aims to
facilitate the possibility for collaborative research agendas and policy
analysis and intervention and is organised within the framework of the
British Academy funded project, managed by Katharine Sarikakis (University
of Leeds) and Liza Tsaliki (University of Athens).

We welcome contributions from scholars from around the world and various
backgrounds (political science, media and cultural studies, sociology,
anthropology, gender studies etc.). We are interested in papers that involve
theoretical, empirical work or work in progress, comparative or case
studies, meta-analytical as well as speculative approaches.

Topics can address a number of areas, including:

-socialisation of youth through porn and porn-defined popular culture and
genres (. pornorap; suggestive advertising etc) -political economic
dimensions of the global pornography industry: labour conditions,; mergers,
new geographies of production and consumption

– intellectual property and control over image/profits related issues

– processes of mainstreaming of pornography: tactics, strategies, channels,
profits, connection to mainstream media and culture

– conditions of production and consumption and impact on citizenship and

– links to the broader sex industry: human trafficking, sexual slavery,
human vulnerability and prostitution, sex clubs etc

– policies and laws on ANY of the aforementioned issues as linked to the
production and consumption of the sexually explicit imagery/pornography in
national and global contexts -theoretical/analytical interventions on terms,
conceptualization of problematique, frameworks of policy and law
-possibilities, strategies and practices of resisting the spread, impact and
effects of the pornography industry -women’s and children’s position in the
context of global imagery trade; class and gender, technology and power

Please send a 500 word abstract and a short biographical note, accompanied
by contact details and affiliation by 20 June 2008 to Dr. Katharine
Sarikakis, Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds
( ), and Dr Liza Tsaliki, Faculty of Communication
and Media Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

There are limited places for this symposium.

Symposium fees: 80 Euros.

The symposium is organised by the Faculty of Communication and Media
Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Centre for
International Communications Research at the Institute of Communication
Studies, University of Leeds, UK

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