NWSA Panel Papers: Care Ethics and Intersectionality

Call for NWSA Panel Papers: Care Ethics and Intersectionality

Although care ethics has been around for a quarter century and intersectional concerns are driving much of contemporary feminist social analysis, little has been written about how care ethics might contribute to addressing the linkages between oppressions such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism.  Care ethics, as conceived by many theorists, has emotional and imaginative resources that can allow for understanding across systems of oppression.  Scholars from any discipline are invited to submit a brief abstract that addresses the connection between care and intersectionality for a potential panel at the 2009 NWSA Annual Conference in Atlanta Georgia, November 12-15.  Intersectionality is one of the major themes of the conference.  The nature of potential panel presentations is open.  Possible topics might include but are not limited to theoretical approaches to care and intersectionality, case studies of caring across oppressive experience, ethnographic examples, histo!
 rical examples or literary analysis.  Papers for this session should be 10-12 minutes long.  Right now, all I am looking for are short proposals of about 100 words (you do not need the full paper at this time).  Please send paper proposals to Maurice Hamington before January 23 at mhamingt@mscd.edu or Hamington@earthlink.net

For more information on the NWSA Annual Conference Call for Papers and the theme of Intersection (CFP Theme #2) see http://www.nwsaconference.org/cms/?q=node/21

This session is sponsored by Maurice Hamington, Associate Professor, and Director of the Institute for Women’s Studies and Services, Metropolitan State College of Denver.  http://www.mscd.edu/searchchannel/jsp/directoryprofile/profile.jsp?uName=mhamingt

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