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23rd European Conference on Object Oriented Programming


       23rd European Conference on Object Oriented Programming
              July 6th – 10th 2009, Genova, Italy

                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

ECOOP is the premier forum in Europe for bringing together
practitioners, researchers, and students to share their ideas and
experiences in a broad range of disciplines woven with the common thread
of object technology. It is a well-integrated collage of events,
including outstanding invited speakers, carefully refereed technical
papers, exciting tutorials, topic-focused workshops, and a summer school.
ECOOP 2008 has opened its doors for registration.

Early registration lasts until May 20, 2009.

The program is taking shape and promises another exciting scientific event:

Technical Program (list of accepted papers follows):


Dave Clarke,
ECOOP 2009 Publicity Chair

Critically Engaging the 21st Century Learner in Visual Worlds and Virtual Environments

Critically Engaging the 21st Century Learner in Visual Worlds and Virtual Environments
41st Annual Conference
International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA)

Proposals due: April 8 2009 (this is a special deadline available only for SIGTE members-please indicate on your proposal that you are a SIGTE member!)

DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois- USA
October 6-9, 2009

You are cordially invited to submit a proposal for the 41st Annual Conference of the International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA), October 6-9, 2009, in Chicago, Illinois.  IVLA’s annual conference provides scholars and researchers, teachers and students, artists, and other professionals with interests and activities relating to the multi-disciplinary field of Visual Literacy, an opportunity to present their work, and constructively interact with peers. The conference facilitates exchange of best and innovative practices, presentation of research results, discussion of work in progress, and showcase of art installations. Paper presentations, symposia and panel sessions, roundtable discussions, workshops and demonstrations, poster sessions, and visual exhibits are invited.

NEW! Teacher Session: This year, IVLA is organizing a special half-day session for K-12 educators who can also earn CPDUs through their attendance. This half-day session will be filled with useful and practical information about visual literacy. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn more about visual literacy and how it can be integrated into the curriculum, as well as receive practical advice and suggestions for projects. For this session, we are looking for lively, captivating topics, hands-on activities, instructional and learning strategies, standards-based projects, quality resources, and clear evaluation rubrics that teachers can put to immediate use with their students. Topics need to be short, creative, and directly related to K-12 education. If you feel that you have a topic that will fit into this special session, please submit your proposal as a teacher session. NB SIGTE members please identify yourselves in your proposal submission!

Conference Sub-themes
Sub-themes include (but are not limited to):
�         Teaching and Assessing Visual Literacy
�         Visual Literacy in the Content Areas
�         The Role of Visual Literacy in Educating Digital Natives
�         Visual Literacy and Instructional/Training Material Development
�         Visual Arts and Visual Literacy
�         Digital Literacies, Multimodality, and Visual Literacy
�         Visual Literacy Skills in and for Multi-User Virtual Environments, Distance and Blended learning, Web-based Learning, e-Learning, contextual and m-Learning
�         Web 2.0, Emerging Technologies, and Visual Literacy
�         Globalization, Social and Cultural Identity, and Visual Literacy
�         Visual Culture, Media, Communication and Visual Literacy
�         Film, Television, and Visual Literacy
�         Information Design, Graphic Design, and Visual Literacy
�         Service Industries and Visual Literacy
�         Visual/Image-Based Research and the Scholarly Use of Visual Material
�         Visual Literacy/Visual Learning/Visual Perception/Cognition Research: New Developments, Current Trends and Approaches, and Future Directions

Invited Speakers
�         Gunther Kress, University of London- UK
�          Susan Metros, University of South California, LA- US

Conference Session Formats
�         Paper Presentation
�         Round Table Presentation
�         Research Symposium
�         Panel Session
�         Workshop/Demonstration
�         Poster
�         Installation/Art Show

Types of Delivery

 *   on-site (conference venue) presentations
 *   on-line (virtual) presentations

�         Papers presented at IVLA2009 (on-site, and on-line) are eligible to be considered for publication in IVLA’s refereed collection of Selected Readings (to be published in March 2010); submission deadline for the Selected Readings is November 9th, 2009.
�         Papers accepted for publication in the Selected Readings, will be considered for the Editors’ Award, and the Braden and Beauchamp Visual Literacy Award.
�         Papers discussing Visual Literacy in Science Education will be considered for publication in the Science Education International Journal, the official journal of ICASE (International Council of Associations for Science Education).

Sponsors & Vendors
We welcome sponsors and vendors to apply for spots in our exhibitor area and/or to have their logo and URL added to our conference material. Please contact for more information.

Important Dates
�         Deadline for Proposal Submission: March 21st 2009
�         Author/Presenter Notification: April 25th 2009
�         Deadline for Early Bird Registration: May 5th 2009
�         Deadline for Author/Presenter Registration and Confirmation of Attendance: September 5th 2009
�         Deadline for Material Submission by Virtual Author/Presenter: September 5th 2009
�         Deadline for Conference Hotel Room Reservations: September 5th 2009
�         Conference Dates: October 6-9, 2009

Conference Website: <><>  (coming soon!) For more detailed information on IVLA2009, please see attached.

Conference Contact
Maria D. Avgerinou
IVLA President, & IVLA2009 Conference Chair



Submission Deadline: September 1st, 2009
Guest Editor
Elaine M�nard

School of Information Studies

McGill University

Montreal, Canada
The guest editor of this special issue of the Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science invites original research from all disciplines reporting on various aspects of digital image perception, understanding, indexing, and retrieval. This includes, but is not limited to:

*       Image indexing strategies within an information retrieval context
*       Social computing, image tagging and folksonomies
*       Methods, models, and theories applicable to image research
*       Image users and uses
*       Cognitive aspects of image perception and understanding
*       Cross-Language Image Retrieval
*       Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR)

Applications described in the papers can be academic prototypes or commercial software.

Manuscripts will undergo the normal double-blind review process for submissions to CJILS.
The journal
The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science, established in 1976, is the official journal of the Canadian Association for Information Science. Its objective is to promote the advancement of information science in Canada.
Submissions are accepted in either English or French.
Inquiries and Submission
Please send your manuscript (Word or RTF) to:

Elaine M�nard
School of Information Studies
McGill University

3459 McTavish Street Room MS72

Montreal (Quebec) Canada H3A 1Y1

E-mail: <>


Instructions for authors are available on-line on the journal website: ( <> ).

Date limite de soumission : 1er septembre 2009
R�dactrice invit�e
Elaine M�nard

School of Information Studies

McGill University

Montr�al, Canada
La r�dactrice invit�e de ce num�ro th�matique de la Revue canadienne des sciences de l’information et de biblioth�conomie invite les chercheurs provenant de diff�rentes disciplines � soumettre les r�sultats de travaux de recherche originaux traitant tout aspect se rapportant � la perception, l’Interpr�tation, l’indexation et le rep�rage de l’image num�rique. Ce th�me inclut, sans pour autant s’y limiter, les aspects suivants :

*       Strat�gie pour l’indexation de l’image � l’int�rieur du processus de recherche d’information
*       Indexation collaborative, tagging et folksonomies pour l’image
*       M�thodes, mod�les, th�ories en lien avec le rep�rage d’image
*       Utilisations et utilisateurs d’images
*       Aspects cognitifs de la perception et la compr�hension de l’image
*       Recherche d’images en contexte multilingue
*       Rep�rage d’images bas� sur le contenu

Les applications d�crites dans les publications peuvent �tre de nature acad�mique ou destin�e � des utilisations commerciales.

Les propositions re�ues feront l’objet d’une �valuation anonyme par des pairs selon les modalit�s normales d’�valuation de la Revue canadienne des sciences de l’information et de biblioth�conomie.
La revue
La Revue canadienne des sciences de l’information et de biblioth�conomie, �tablie en 1976, est la revue officielle de l’Association canadienne des sciences de l’information. Elle a pour objectif de contribuer � l’avancement des sciences de l’information et de biblioth�conomie au Canada.
Les soumissions sont accept�es en fran�ais et en anglais.
Veuillez envoyer votre manuscrit en version �lectronique (Word ou RTF) � :

Elaine M�nard
School of Information Studies
McGill University

3459 McTavish Street Room MS72

Montr�al (Qu�bec) Canada H3A 1Y1

E-mail :


Les instructions pour les auteurs sont disponibles en ligne sur le site de la revue ( <> ).


Are Lesbians Going Extinct?

*Trivia, Voices of Feminism, *is now accepting submissions for its tenth issue, “Are Lesbians Going Extinct?” edited by Lise Weil and Vancouver poet and essayist Betsy Warland. See description below.

*Trivia #9, “Thinking about Goddesses,” *is now online at <>

an extraordinarily rich and diverse collection of essays, poems, and artwork, including:

   * *Deena Metzger* /Vulture Medicine/,/ Augury /
   * *Luciana Percovich* /When hens were flying and god was not yet born/
   * *Marianela Medrano-Marra*/ Canoeing our Way back to the Divine
     Feminine in Taino Spirituality/
   * *Judy Grahn* /Goddess is Metaformic/
   * *Vanita Leatherwood* /Testify/
   * *Carolyn Gage* /For Want of Goddess/
   * *Nane Jordan* /What is Goddess? Towards an ontology of women
     giving birth/
   * *Betty deShong Meador* /Inanna Comes to Me in a Dream/
   * *Shannyn Sollitt* /Calling Amaterasu ­ The Great Eastern Sun
     Goddess of Peace/
*Trivia #10, “Are Lesbians Going Extinct?”*

In an essay written in 1983, Nicole Brossard wrote: /”Une lesbienne qui ne reinvente pas le monde est une lesbienne en voie de disparition.”/ (A lesbian who does not reinvent the world is a lesbian going extinct.) At that time, the phrase made very good sense. As writers, thinkers, activists, and in our day-to-day lives, we felt (many of us) compelled to reinvent a world in which we were for the most part invisible if not unthinkable, a world whose values we largely rejected. Today, over 20 years later, we are accepted, even embraced, by mainstream culture–as co-workers, wives, mothers, talk show hosts–in ways we could not have imagined then. But how have we gained this inclusion? Have we gone quiet as lesbians (not denying our lesbianism but seldom foregrounding it)? Are we still reinventing the world? As writers, are we inventing new forms? Is there still a radical edge to the word “lesbian”? Or are we now, by Brossard’s definition, a disappearing species?

We want to hear from young lesbians as well as anyone who ever embraced and/or lived this notion of lesbians as political trailblazers, radical visionaries. If you still identify as lesbian, what does it mean to you to be a lesbian today? In what relationship do your politics stand to your sexuality? Do you still see lesbians as a vanguard? See yourself as reinventing the world? If you no longer identify as lesbian, are there political/cultural reasons for this? Are there aspects of lesbian existence that you miss? Are glad to be free of? Do you still identify as a political trailblazer, a radical visionary? We welcome responses in the form of essays, poems, stories, creative nonfiction, and any in-between genres. *Deadline: May 29, 2009*.

please see our submission guidelines: <>

TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism is an online relaunch of TRIVIA: A Journal of Ideas, an award-winning international feminist literary magazine published from 1982 to 1995. The online journal is a team effort by Lise Weil, founding editor of Trivia: A Journal of Ideas and feminist geek web developer Susan Kullmann.

TRIVIA publishes feminist writing in the form of literary essays, experimental prose, poetry, translations, and reviews. The journal encourages women writers to take risks with language and form so as to give their ideas the most original and vital expression possible. TRIVIA’s larger purpose is to foster a body of rigorous, creative and independent feminist thought.

International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management (IJIEM)


***                                                                  ***
*** Published by Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., Geneva, Switzerland  ***
***       ISSN (Online): 1741-5530  –  ISSN (Print): 1476-1300       ***
***                                                                  ***
***    Listed in Australian Business Deans Council Journal Rankings  ***
***       List, ABI/INFORM, Business Source Premier, Cabell’s,       ***
***           Management and Marketing Abstracts, Scirus             ***

The International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management (IJIEM)
is a professional and authoritative double-blind refereed journal.  It
seeks articles that present data and theory to help executives to
manage changes, create sustainability, and improve profitability of
their enterprises.  IJIEM focuses on the emerging changes in enterprise
management, its organisational structure, marketing strategies, and
management methods, brought about by the Internet and information
technology applications, and their implications on the associated
process, products, and services.  Emphasis will also be on the related
social, political and economic issues as well as emerging issues of
interest to professionals, policy-makers, academics, researchers, and
managers in IT, business and commerce.  The Journal publishes original
and review papers, technical notes, and case studies. We welcome both
submissions and inquiries from potential authors.  Questions should be
addressed to the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Eldon Y. Li, at

To submit a paper online, please follow the guidelines in the
“Submission of papers” section described on the IJIEM homepage at

To volunteer for reviewing papers, please visit to sign up or update your information.

The subject coverage of IJIEM includes, but is not limited to:

* Business ethics
* Business excellence
* Business infrastructure management
* Capital markets and the virtual economy
* Collaborative commerce
* Customer relationship management
* Data mining and business intelligence
* Data quality improvement
* Decision support and group systems
* E-business integration
* Enterprise process management
* Enterprise reorganisation
* Enterprise resource planning
* Enterprise strategies
* Entrepreneurship and creativity
* Globalisation issues
* Human resources management
* Innovation and product development
* Innovative financing
* Internet and emerging technologies
* Internet economy
* Internet law and compliance
* Internet security and privacy issues
* Knowledge management
* Operations management
* Operations and strategy for E-commerce
* Optimisation models and the Web
* Process reengineering and redesign
* Service operations on the Web
* Service/product quality management
* Strategic planning and control
* Structure and organisation of the E-enterprise
* Supply chain management and E-logistics
* Total quality management

Abstracts and forthcoming papers are available at

Academic Library Association of Ohio

Do you have an idea about a successful program, service, procedure or resource in an academic library setting that you’d like to share with your colleagues in Ohio?

The 35th annual conference of the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) will take place at the Roberts Convention Centre near Wilmington, Ohio on Friday, October 30, 2009.

This year’s theme is:  “At the Crossroads: Recharging, Redefining, and Realigning our Libraries.” For a description of the conference theme, examples of possible topics for presentations and poster sessions, and the submission form for proposals please visit Proposals for presentations and poster sessions are welcome.

Proposals are due by Friday, April 3, 2009.

On behalf of the 2009 Program Planning Committee, I hope that many of you will consider submitting proposals,


Rob Withers
Vice President/President Elect
Academic Library Association of Ohio

International Journal of Business Data Communications & Networking

Call for Papers

Submission deadline: Friday 10th April, 2009

Selected papers will be considered for a Special Issue of the
International Journal of Business Data Communications & Networking

First International Workshop on Wireless Multimedia Networking and
Applications (WMNA’09)

In conjunction with 3rd International Conference on Internet Technologies
and Applications (ITA’09)

Wrexham, North Wales, United Kingdom, Thursday 10th September, 2009

The First Workshop of Wireless Multimedia Networking and Applications
(WMNA’09) will be a half-day workshop, held in conjunction with the 3rd
International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications
(ITA’09). The rapid expansion of wireless services from voice
communication to high performance multimedia communication in recent years
is an indication that significant value is placed on portable multimedia
applications as key innovations for both academia and industry. This
workshop is intended to provide a forum for presenting, exchanging and
discussing the most recent advances in different aspects of wireless
multimedia networking and applications. In particular, this workshop will
bring together leading researchers, industry professionals, and research
students to study the special problems and challenges of multimedia mobile
and wireless environments.

Original papers/posters are now invited for submission to WMNA’09. Topics
of interest include (but are not limited to):
  – Deployment of wireless multimedia applications and services
  – Deployment of wireless multimedia networks, architectures, and protocols
  – Wireless multimedia multicasting technologies
  – Multimedia support over multi-hop wireless networks (mesh, ad-hoc,
sensor networks)
  – Traffic control and characterisation in wireless multimedia networks
  – QoS and admission control in wireless multimedia networks
  – Real-time streaming wireless multimedia communications and technologies
  – Content-based wireless multimedia information retrieval technologies
  – Management of wireless multimedia networks
  – Security in wireless multimedia networks
  – Performance comparison of wireless multimedia networks
  – Performance analyses of wireless multimedia networks
  – Analytical modelling of wireless multimedia networks
  – Design, implementation and testbed/experimental results of wireless
multimedia systems
  – Coding and compression for wireless multimedia networks
  – Handoff in wireless multimedia communications
  – Integration of wireless multimedia networks to broadband networks
  – Distributed wireless multimedia technologies


We are seeking submissions for full papers. All selected works will appear
in the main conference proceedings of ITA’09. For format and submission,
please visit

Selected papers will be considered for a Special Issue of the
International Journal of Business Data Communications & Networking

Important dates:
Submission deadline:
Friday 10th April, 2009

Notification of acceptance:
Friday 22nd May, 2009

Camera-ready version:
Friday 19th June, 2009

Friday 26th June, 2009


Dr. V. Sridhar

Co-Editor, IJBDCN

Visiting Research Fellow

Sasken Communication Technologies, Bangalore

Phone: +91-80-39814005


Chinese Journal of Library and Information Science

Invites submission of academic papers from library and information science practitioners, educators and researchers. This peer-reviewed academic journal in the subject field of Library and Information Science (LIS) is published quarterly under the aegis of the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


The Journal is the first English-language academic journal in LIS ever published in mainland China that has an international readership in mind. This journal is aimed to establish a platform for Library and Information Science students, educators, researchers and library practitioners all over the world to engage in intellectual dialogue so as to upgrade continuously library practice around the world in general and that of China in particular.


In 2008, we introduced a series of treatises related to the various aspects of current Chinese library development in our first two published issues. We are greatly encouraged by the positive feedbacks that we have received and have decided to solicit with more vigour for scholarly writings in all areas of LIS from a much wider circle of library and information science professionals around the globe. We warmly welcome article contributions related but not necessarily limited to the following topics:


l         Bio-bibliography of prominent LIS professionals

l         Cataloguing

l         Collection development

l         Comparative librarianship

l         Competitive intelligence

l         Digital library

l         Knowledge management

l         Knowledge organization system

l         Library evaluation

l         Library management

l         Library Science

l         Metadata

l         Open access

l         Reference service


The submissions may be “research paper,” “progress report,” or “library practice” in English, and the length of the manuscript is about 10 -12 pages (more than 3000 words).


The Editorial Board is composed of the nationally and internationally well-known scholars in the LIS field. And, a double-blind peer review process is adopted.


For more details, please visit the Journal’s website at

Please send your manuscript (Word, or RTF, or PDF) to the following email address:

The contact person: Li Ning, & Cao Jing


Tel: (86-10)-82624454 or (86-10)-82626611 ext. 6628  Fax: (86-10)-82621460

Mail address:

CJLIS Editorial Office

National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Room 5D07, No.33 Beisihuan Xilu, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, 100190

      P. R.China 

Li, Ning
Managing Editor, Chinese Journal of Library and Information Science
National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tel:86-10-82624454; 86-10-82626611-6628

14th National Conference of the American Association of School Librarians

The ALA/AASL Educators of Library Media Specialists Section of the
American Association of School Librarians invites submissions for the 14th
National Conference of the American Association of School Librarians to be
held in Charlotte, North Carolina from November 5-8, 2009.

Papers should be original research that focuses on school library practice
and related subjects, or school librarianship, and be within a 5,000 word
limit using APA style. All papers are submitted in electronic form to
Carol Gordon, Deadline for submission is June
1, 2009 at 11:59 EST. Papers for presentations will be accepted and
evaluated on an on-going basis until the deadline.

Dr. Carol Gordon
Associate Professor
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
School of Communication, Information and Library Studies
Department of Library and Information Sciences

Tel: 732-932-7500 Ext. 8114
Fax: 732-932-6916

International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology

The International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology is an independent, peer reviewed, open access journal that welcomes contributions from practitioners, researchers and policy makers concerned with gender issues in and of science and technology. The phrase gender, science and technology intends to encompass a wide definition of these disciplines both in terms of methodological enquiry as well as subjects of research.

Our aim is to help foster and provide a focus forconstructive debate and interchange of ideas between key players and experts in this field. We are interested in sharing knowledge and new understandings in relation to policy development, analysis of challenges and responses in education and employment, critical insights from companies, professional societies and other organisations about the impact of gender equality strategies, as well as perspectives from science and technology studies – and other related issues. We welcome contributions from a variety of disciplines and interdisciplinary perspectives and drawing on a wide range of theoretical frameworks.

Weare currently inviting submissions in the form of

· Full empirical research and theoretical papers

· Practitioner case studies and reports

· Opinions and perspectives from policy-makers and industry

For further information, including details of the submission process:[1]

Any enquiries please contact Dr Jenni Carr – IJGST Project Officer (

The first issue will be published online in July 2009 (latest submission for this issue is April 30th

Further issues will appear every 4 months. We look forward to hearing from you!

This journal is being produced bythe Open University UK in partnership with the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET[2] 
The Open University is incorporated by Royal Charter (RC 000391), an exempt charity in England & Wales and a charity registered in Scotland (SC 038302).