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The Pedagogy division of CSA includes a focus on culture and education,
cultural pedagogy, critical pedagogy, and the curriculum of cultural
studies. Pedagogy, broadly conceived and critically understood in this
context concerns a wide range of issues taken up in cultural studies
including but not limited to mass media, schooling, popular culture,
subculture, public culture, nationhood, globalization, postcolonialism,
political economy, identity, race, class, gender, sexuality.

For the 2010 Annual Conference of the CSA the Pedagogy Division is
soliciting individual paper proposals to comprise two panels.

One panel will focus on “Critical Pedagogy and Cultural Studies.”

One panel will bring together papers on a variety of topics related to
pedagogy and culture.

Please send proposal abstracts to both Kenneth Saltman
and to Pepi Leistyna

The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2009.

Please include:

1.      The name, email address, phone number, department and institutional
affiliation of 
          the author
2.      A 250-word maximum abstract for the paper
3.      A list of audio-visual equipment needs
Additional information regarding the CSA meeting is available at:

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