Women’s Liberation Movement @ 40 Conference Continuities and Change

Ruskin College Oxford is proud to announce an event marking the 40th Anniversary of the first Women’s Liberation Conference in the UK.  On 12th-13th March 2010, Ruskin will again host myriad discussion about contemporary feminism.  The website for the conference is now up (www.wlm40conference.org.uk) which includes booking forms and the Call for Papers.  Submissions are now being taken on issues relating to feminist history (particularly in relation to the 1970 conference), feminist activism, practice and creativity.  Deadline for abstracts/outlines is 5th February 2010.  Keynote speakers are confirmed as Shelia Rowbotham, Bea Campbell, Gail Lewis and Kristin Aune & Catherine Redfern.  The website has all other practical and programme information. Please send round this email through your various networks to ensure wide dissemination. Sincerely Dr Louise Livesey Ruskin College Oxford Call for Papers – WLM@40 Are you doing feminist work?  Research, activism, support services, teaching or something else?  If so, do you want to submit a paper to the conference?  We’re looking for papers, panels and workshop sessions as well as creative sessions for two days.     * Papers – research, practice or theory based (or any combination) of not more than 20 minutes (plus time for questions).  All papers are welcome.  Please submit an abstract of no more than 450 words and include relevant biographical information.     * Panels – want to put together a panel of speakers on a pressing issue?  Panel Sessions available (max three speakers is suggested).  Please submit a list of speakers and key questions to be addressed (not a definitive list but some sort of guide).     * Workshops – want to disseminate the results of something you’re involved in or provide training on new areas of work/practice?  Please submit an abstract of no more than 450 words and include relevant organisational information.     * Creative Sessions – the creative arts have always played an important role in feminism, if you want to offer a creative session this is your chance whether it’s introduction to knitting or radical cheerleading….  Please submit a brief outline of what will be on offer and what space requirements you will need.  Materials must be provided by the session co-ordinators. There is a more detailed hard copy of the call for papers (www.wlm40conference.org.uk/callforpapers.doc) here – please print copies and display in your organisation/institution. All applications to be sent to llivesey@ruskin.ac.ukby 5th February 2010.  Confirmation of inclusion will be sent out on or before 12th February 2010.  In the meantime we hope you will want to attend the conference anyway and encourage you to book your place now  (www.wlm40conference.org.uk/booking.html).   

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