AGE- two calls

“Ageism in the Academy.” NWSA session sponsored by the Aging and Ageism
Caucus. Although colleges and universities are presently set up to serve
mainly 18 to 25 year-olds, there is no reason, other than the problematic
association of aging and old age with decline and deterioration, why these
institutions cannot adjust their schedules and requirements to encourage
sustained degree-oriented coursework by adults of any age.  Papers should
address the ways in which ageism in the academy affects older women students
who have returned to finish a degree or obtain an advanced degree and/or
those who have just begun their traditional college education.  250+-word
abstracts or full papers to Pamela Gravagne,  <>, by 15 February 2010.


“Bringing the “Outsider” of Age into the Women’s Studies Classroom.” NWSA
session sponsored by the Aging and Ageism Caucus. As with issues of race and
class, Women’s Studies has a longstanding reluctance to engage with the
issues, theory and politics of age.   In this panel, we are interested in
exploring strategies for introducing age into the women’s studies classroom.
We seek papers that address pedagogical approaches to and challenges with
bringing the lens of age into discussions of gender, sexuality, race, class,
disability, nation, etc. 250+ abstracts to Erin Gentry Lamb,
<>, by 15 February 2010.

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