Gender Performance, Transgender Perspectives

Call for Proposals for a panel session at the 2010 National Women’s 
Studies Association (NWSA) Conference, to be held November 11-14, 2010 
in Denver, Colorado.

Stephanie Dykes, an independent scholar on transgender issues, and 
Angela Carter, a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota, are 
organizing a panel for the 2010 conference of the National Women’s 
Studies Association conference, which will be held in Denver, Colorado 
from November 11 ­ 14, 2010.

We are organizing a panel on the topic of “Gender Performance: 
Transgender Perspectives” This panel will address the conference 
thematic areas of Complicating the Queer and “Outsider” Feminisms.

If you are interested in being considered as a member of this panel, 
please submit a title and abstract (50 ­ 100 words), along with your 
name, institutional affiliation, and contact information (mailing 
address, e-mail(s), and telephone number or numbers) by February 20 to 
Stephanie Dykes, Ph.D. at You may also 
submit additional information, including the rationale for how your 
proposal relates to the theme of this panel, and any other information 
that you believe will be of assistance in helping Dr. Dykes and Ms. 
Carter make their selection decisions.

We are looking for empirical, theoretical and activist contributions 
to the
topic of trans and gender non-conforming individual’s performance of 
gender, including, but not limited to, drag, passing, stealth, gender 
performance, and gender attribution.

If your proposal is not accepted for this panel, you will still have 
the option to submit your proposal as an individual for consideration 
by the NWSA.

Please note that each panel member is responsible for her or his own 
expenses related to this conference, including but not limited to, 
membership in the NWSA, conference fees, transportation to and from 
the conference, lodging, meals, and any other cost associated with 
this conference. Furthermore, NWSA guidelines state that

“All participants on the 2010 NWSA program must be current (2010) 
members of NWSA, including the pre-conferences and general conference. 
Membership in NWSA runs from January 1-December 31, 2010. … 
Participants must be current members and pre-registered for the 
conference by August 31, 2010 or risk being removed from the printed 
program book.”

Each participant selected to be on this panel must commit to attending 
the 2010 NWSA conference.
Questions? Contact Angela Carter,

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