2nd Nepali Women’s Global Network (NWGN) Conference 2010

Looking Back, Moving Forward: Gender, Culture and Power


July 31, 2010


University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania



NWGN is pleased to announce the call for workshop proposals for our 2nd  NWGN Conference: “Looking Back, Moving Forward: Gender, Culture and Power.”


The objectives of the 2nd  NWGN Conference are:


         To provide a forum for the assessment of interaction between social and cultural roles, social reform, education, cultural exchange, encounters with religion, relations of power, and issues of gender roles influencing gender-based violence in the Nepali community.


         To create a dialogue and explore collaboration and partnerships with various organizations to increase access to resources for women of Nepali origin.

All workshop proposals should reflect the theme of the conference with specific inclination towards gender-based violence.


Ideas for workshop proposals:

Proposals can include, but do not have to be limited to:

1.Strengthen individual knowledge and skills: Enhancing individual’s capability to prevent violence and promote safety, promoting healthy and safe attitudes and beliefs, promoting the status of women and girls, promoting economic justice to immigrant women, building healthy teen relationship, working with allies to prevent violence.

2. Promote Community Education: Reaching out to groups of people in the Nepali community with information and resources to prevent gender based violence and safety, addressing social norms, gathering culturally specific evidence based information, the role of faith based organizations and Nepali organizations in US.

3. Fostering Coalitions and Networks: Bringing together groups interested in women’s issues, violence prevention, culture, and society to inform and exchange skills and knowledge for greater impact, and advocacy on women’s issues in US, abroad and in Nepal.

4. Changing Organizational Culture   Best Practices in public and private sector promoting women’s equity.

 5.Influence public policy and legislation: Policies related to gender based violence in US and in Nepal. How can we influence it to work efficiently or adopt one (in case of Nepal)

Suggested topics:


 *   Engaging Bystanders to Intervene to Prevent gender based violence.

 *   Understanding Gender based violence in a different environment (Abroad and Nepal).

 *   How Violence against Women and Girls Makes and Keeps Women Poor: Insight into the access of resources in United States.

 *   Attitudes toward Sexual Assault Victim: Beyond the obvious

 *   Teens & Technology: a double edged sword for Victimization

 *   Healthy Relationships: Let’s talk about friendship, dating and self esteem.

 *   Gender based violence and GLBT community within the minorities in US.

Please fill out the workshop proposal form to submit your proposal. The proposals will be reviewed by the program subcommittee of the NWGN board. The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of its relevance to the Conference theme and mission of NWGN.

NWGN will contact the authors of the selected workshops by June 15, 2010.


Presenters have to register for the Conference. There is no monetary incentive for workshop presentation, but the presenter will gain experience and the opportunity to engage in a dialogue affecting the broader Nepali community outside of Nepal.

If you are interested to send in your proposal please fill out the form below and send it by May 15th 2010, electronically to: nwgnconference2010@nepaliwomen.org


If you have any questions, please contact Biva Ranjeet at nwgnconference2010@nepaliwomen.org or Sushma Barakoti at sbarakoti@hotmail.com<mailto:sbarakoti@hotmail.com>


Detailed information about the Conference will be posted on our website: www.nepaliwomen.org<http://www.nepaliwomen.org/>


 Workshop Proposal Form<http://nwgn.freehostia.com/Workshop_Proposal_Form2010.htm>

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