International Journal of E-Business Research (IJEBR)

Mission of IJEBR: 
The primary objective of the International Journal of E-Business
Research (IJEBR) is to provide an international forum for
researchers and practitioners to advance the knowledge and
practice of all facets of electronic business. Emerging e-business
theories, architectures, and technologies are emphasized to stimulate
and disseminate cutting-edge information into research and business
communities in a timely fashion. The secondary objective of this
journal is to develop a comprehensive framework of e-business by
taking a multidisciplinary approach to understanding e-business and
its implications on businesses and economies. This journal serves as
an integrated e-business knowledge base for those who are interested
in contributing to the advancement of e-business theory and practice
through a variety of research methods including theoretical, 
experimental, case, and survey research methods. 
Coverage of IJEBR: 
IJEBR appears quarterly and maintains rigorous review processes.
Theoretical, experimental, survey, and case studies are all
appropriate. Among topics to be included (but not limited) 
are the following: 
Applications of new technologies to e-business 
Collaborative commerce 
Developing and managing middleware to support e-business 
Digital libraries 
E-business models and architectures 
E-business process modeling and simulation studies 
E-business standardizations 
E-business systems integration 
E-business technology investment strategies 
Economics of e-business
Electronic markets and infrastructures 
Electronic supply chain management and the Internet-based
 electronic data interchange 
E-procurement methods 
Evaluation methodologies for e-business systems 
Global e-business 
Intelligent agent technologies and their impacts 
Mobile commerce
Online auction
Online consumer behavior 
Online game 
Social media
Social networking
Trends in e-business models and technologies 
Trust, security, and privacy of e-business transactions
 and information 
Valuing e-business assets 
Virtual commerce
Web 2.0
Web 3.0
Web advertising 
Web personalization and mass customization technologies 
Web services-based e-business systems 
Web-based languages, application development methodologies,
and tools 
IJEBR accepts all other related issues that will contribute to the
 advancement of e-business research. 
Interested authors should consult the Journal's manuscript submission
 guidelines at
All inquiries and submissions should be sent to: 
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. In Lee at




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