Pre-and Post-Retirement Tips for Librarians

 Book Publisher: American Library Association Editor: Carol Smallwood, MLS Writing and Publishing: The Librarian's Handbook, American Library Association 2010  Librarians as Community Partners: An Outreach Handbook, American Library Association, 2010 Foreword: Dr. Robert P. Holley, Professor of Library & Information Science, Wayne State University. Chapters sought for an anthology by soon to be retired or currently retired academic, public, school, special librarians sharing retirement experience to help colleagues. Chapters also sought from retirement and financial planning professionals. No previously published, simultaneously submitted material; 2,500-3,500 words written by yourself or with one co-author. Concise, how-to chapters, using bullets, headings. Compensation: a complimentary book, discount on additional copies. Possible topics: What to Consider in Financial Planning; Early Retirement--or Not; Part Time/Full Time Jobs When Retired; Using Library Skills to Enhance Retirement; Keeping Healthy in Mind and Body; Writing Wills; Assisted Living; Going Back to School; Holding Political/Leadership Positions; Living on Pensions; Social Security; Notable Retirement Activities; Retirement Budgeting; Legacies; Relocating/Travel; Estate Planning; Insurance. To avoid duplication, please e-mail 2-3 topics described separately in 2-3 sentences by August 6, 2010 with a 75-90 word bio. You will be contacted which of your topics will work. Kindly place, RETIREMENT LIBRARIAN/Your Name, on the subject line to: 

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