Arborvitae – November 2010 special issue on forestry and gender

Call for papers- Arborvitae –  November 2010 special issue on forestry and gender

Arborvitae is the official newsletter of the IUCN Forest Conservation Programme (FCP). The mission of FCP is to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve biological diversity in forests and tree-dominated landscapes and ensure that the use of forest resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable. The newsletter Arborvitae follows this mission, and covers the most important issues currently affecting how forest resources are used and governed. You can view previous issues at<>

The November 2010 issue of Arbovitae (published by IUCN) will focus on forestry and gender issues. The objective of this publication will be to provide information that will  improve forestry practices through gender mainstreaming.
For this issue we request articles from researchers, development policymakers, practitioners, and activists from both, the forestry and the gender studies sector. We are interested in articles that focus on:
*       How do men and women contribute differently to the forestry sector?
*       Why gender mainstreaming is needed in the forestry sector? And which particular areas in the forestry sector could benefit from this gender mainstreaming?
*       What international/national initiatives or efforts are being carried out to ensure that gender issues are integrated into forestry agendas?
*       What lessons have we learn from case studies where gender has been mainstreamed into forestry projects?
*       What insights do we now have on the effect that gender mainstreaming might have on mitigation initiatives related to climate change (particularly REDD)?
*       What governance issues should be addressed within the forestry sector in order to warranty equality between men and women?

If you are interested in writing an article for this issue based on these topics, or have another idea that might relate to these topics, please send an abstract outlining your proposed idea to<> as soon as possible, and before the commissioning deadline: 1 of September, 2010.  The size of the article should be of 500 words.
Commissioned articles will need to be completed for a deadline of  1 October 2010.
Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you, and best wishes,
Lorena Aguilar

M. Sc. Lorena Aguilar Revelo
Global Senior Gender Adviser
IUCN- The International Union for Conservation of Nature
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Mobile (506) 88418247
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Fax (506) 240 99 34
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