I Do Not Miss What I Do Not Want: Asexual Identities, Asexual Lives (Special theme issue of Psychology and Sexuality)

Within the past decade, a growing number of individuals, self-identifying as asexual, have come together to form asexual communities. Although self- definitions vary widely, many of these individuals describe themselves as experiencing little or no sexual desire. In addition, they do not regard asexuality as a pathological condition but, rather, as a variant of human sexual expression. For researchers in the field of psychology and related disciplines, the elaboration of asexual identities and the growth of online asexual communities raise a range of empirical and theoretical questions which have heretofore gone largely unaddressed. This special issue of Psychology & Sexuality invites papers which contribute to the academic and social understanding of asexuality. We welcome papers from the discipline of psychology and allied disciplines. We also welcome papers from outside the discipline that speak to the field of psychology. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work is most welcome. Possible topics include though are not limited to: - Asexual identities - Asexuality and assumed pathology - Asexuality and sexual normativity - Asexuality and love - Asexual relationships - Asexuality and the LGBT community - The universality and/or particularity of sexual desire - Marginalization of asexuality - Asexuality and the internet - Social and political goals of the asexual community This issue will represent a significant contribution to our understanding of asexuality by bringing together a range of papers on the topic for the first time. It will also provide an opportunity both to map the current state of research on asexuality and to provide a direction for future scholarship and inquiry. For information about the journal Psychology & Sexuality visit: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/journal.asp?issn=1941-9899&linktype=1 If you have questions, please conduct one of the guest editors for the issue: Mark Carrigan - m.a.carrigan@warwick.ac.uk Kristina Gupta - kgupta2@emory.edu Todd G. Morrison - tgm003@mail.usask.ca Submission Due Date: Feb 2011 Full length papers (6000 words) and shorter articles (1000-2000 words) 

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