MIS Review: An International Journal

ISSN: 1018-1393 Listed in Cabell's Directory Submit papers at http://iceb.nccu.edu.tw/jms/ MIS Review (MISR) is a double-blind refereed academic journal published 2 issues annually in English in print and online (see URL: http://www.icebnet.org/misr/). The journal welcomes submissions of research papers/case studies in the areas including (but not limited to) the following areas: 1. MIS Roles, Trends, and Research Methods Roles, positioning and research methods of management information systems, and the impacts & development trends of information technology on organizations. 2. Information Management Information infrastructure planning and implementation, information technology and organizational design, strategic applications of information systems, information system project management, knowledge management, electronic commerce, end-user computing, and service technology management. 3. Information Technologies Database design and management, decision support systems, artificial intelligence applications (including expert systems and neural networks), software engineering, distribution systems, communication networks, multimedia systems, man-machine interface, knowledge acquisition & management, data mining, data warehouse, cooperative technology, and service science & engineering. 4. Information Applications and Innovations The applications and innovations of business functional information systems (e.g. production, marketing, financial, human resources, and accounting information systems), enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, intellectual capital, geographic information systems, and integrated information systems. 5. Information Technology Education and Society Information education, e-learning, and information impacts on society. 6. Others Other MIS-related topics INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMISSION 1. Papers can be prepared in either Chinese or English. If your paper is written in Chinese, it must be translated into English once it is accepted for publication. 2. The submitted paper should include the title page, abstract, keywords, the paper body, references, and/or appendices. You must submit three files. The information of author(s) should not appear anywhere in the paper body file, including page header and footer. * On a separate (cover letter) file, please follow the author guidelines provided on the MIS Review website to prepare the letter. * On a separate (title page) file, please indicate the title of the paper, names of all authors, affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and E-mail addresses. * On a separate (paper body) file, please include the paper title, an abstract, a list of keywords, the paper body, the references, and/or appendices. The abstract must contain the research questions, purposes, research methods, and research findings. The abstract should not exceed 500 words and the number of keywords must be 5-10 words. 3. There is no submission deadline for MIS Review. All papers will be double-blind reviewed on the rolling basis by at least two reviewers, who will be recommended by the Editorial Board. The processing time for the first-round formal reviews is about six weeks. Subsequently rounds of reviews should be faster. 4. To simplify file conversion effort, PDF or Microsoft Word 2000/2003 (for Windows) format is advised. Please submit your paper via the MIS Review website (URL: http://www.icebnet.org/jms/). 5. Once a paper is accepted for publication, the author must follow the author guidelines provided on the MIS Review website to format the paper. MIS Review is an academic journal. According to international practice, once an article is accepted and published, MIS Review will not give or take any payment for the publishing. An electronic copy of the paper will be sent to the article author(s) for non-profit usage. CONTACT Editorial Assistant Department of Management Information Systems College of Commerce National Chengchi University No. 64, Sec. 2, Zhi-nan Road, Wenshan District Taipei 11605, Taiwan R.O.C. Phone: +886-2-29393091 ext. 89055 E-mail: misr@mis.nccu.edu.tw http://www.eset.com 

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