2010 NMC Symposium for the Future

Call for Proposals – Deadline September 15
2010 NMC Symposium for the Future
October 19 – 21, 2010, via the Internet

Proposals for presentations for the NMC Symposium for the Future, a special 3-day, live online event to be held October 19 – 21, 2010, are being solicited through Wednesday, September 15.

See http://www.nmc.org/2010-future-symposium for full details.

About the Symposium
The Symposium grows from the NMC’s Emerging Technologies Initiative, which seeks to answer the question of how to keep abreast of emerging technologies that may be important to our collective work as educators. At the core of this initiative is a focus on emerging technologies and the ways they can be applied in the service of teaching, learning, research, and creative inquiry. A major goal is to stimulate systematic thinking and discussion of the real challenges that face our world and our society, and in particular, how emerging technologies might be applied to solve them.

To set the stage for the intensive discussions this symposium will foster, Case Western Reserve University CIO Lev Gonick will describe a vision for a digital city that is being built, bit by bit, right now in Cleveland. His keynote address, “From Digital Campus to Connected Community,” will illustrate some of the ways emerging technology can be applied to the larger challenges faced by a thriving, diverse community like Cleveland.

Symposium Themes

As its name suggests, the Symposium looks toward the future: what might the world look like in five years? Ten? Further out? Technologies and practices that are just beginning to show promise in an educational or social context may well be commonplace in that time frame. The applicability of technology — whether established or emerging — to the social, environmental, and educational challenges we face today is a central theme of the Symposium. Projects that test the applicability of new ideas, research into new solutions for global problems, and demonstrations of cutting-edge tools are all part of this exploration of the future.

Proposals are encouraged on how emerging technologies might be applied to any of the following themes, but this list is not exhaustive and selections will not be limited to these categories:

  • Sustainability (physical and natural resources; economic resources; educational resources)
  • Renewable energy; clean energy
  • Global warming and its impacts
  • Ethics in the digital age
  • Politics in a globally connected World
  • Social issues

The NMC Symposium for the Future is intended to be an ongoing conversation, focused the applications of new technologies to global concerns and issues, and how they will shape the future of education.

Proposals for sessions and demonstrations may be submitted online at
This event continues the ongoing series of specially focused online gatherings that explore new ideas and issues related to technology, learning, and society.  The NMC Series of Virtual Symposia is itself an exploration of emerging forms of collaboration and tools.
Additional information about the Symposium can be found at http://www.nmc.org/2010-future-symposium
Please circulate this announcement to any and all areas on campus that may be interested in participating.

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