NWSA Fat Studies Interest Group

This year the NWSA Fat Studies Interest Group is having an OPEN call for papers for the 2011 NWSA conference to be held Nov. 10-13, 2011 in Atlanta, GA. Papers on any topic at the intersection of women’s studies/feminism/gender/sexuality and fat studies will be considered.


At minimum, your submission should fall under one of the following themes for NWSA 2011:


* The Politics of Crisis

* Subverting the “Master’s” Tools?

* Deploying Feminisms

* Women’s Studies without Walls

* Creative Interventions


For more information on the themes, visit: http://www.nwsa.org/conference/cfp.php


While this is an open call, topic suggestions from last year’s meeting include: Fat Chicana Studies, Fat & Aging, Intersections of Fat: Disability, Transnational Fat Studies, New Scholarship on the Body: Regulation of Appearance, Fatness in Media Culture, Fat Feminist Activisms, Fat Studies and Pedagogy, Fat Studies Professionalization, Fatness and the Internet, and Fat Studies and Eating Disorders.


If you are interested in being a part of the 2011 Fat Studies panels at NWSA, please send the following info by February 13, 2011 to NWSA Fat Studies Interest Group Co-Chairs Joelle Ruby Ryan and Michaela Null: (Joelle.Ryan@unh.edu) AND (mnull@purdue.edu):


Name, Institutional Affiliation, Snail Mail, Email, Phone, Theme your paper fits under, Title for your talk, a one-page, double-spaced abstract in which you lay out your topic and its relevance to this session. Each person will speak for around 15 minutes, and we will leave time for Q&A.


As a side note, at the request of the Fat Studies Interest Group, NWSA has added ‘fat feminisms’ as a key word for the program. This means that if you submit a fat studies/fat feminism related paper or panel, you can tag it with the keyword ‘fat feminisms,’ and likewise search the 2011 program for ‘fat feminisms’ to find relevant panels. If you submit a paper or panel on your own, we encourage you to use this keyword if your paper or panel fits the bill. We thank NWSA for adding a keyword that helps conference attendees locate fat studies panels.


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