Drupal Fail Panel & Group Therapy Session

Did you suck at Drupal?  Have you been responsible for a Drupal-related disaster?  Or perhaps you’ve created a mess of another CMS?  You are not alone!     

Consider telling your tale of fail at the Drupal Fail Panel & Group Therapy Session at ALA Annual in New Orleans this summer, sponsored by the LITA Drupal Interest Group.

Drupal FAIL might include:

  • Installation FAIL
  • Migration FAIL
  • Permissions FAIL
  • Upgrade FAIL
  • Taxonomy FAIL
  • Module FAIL
  • Theme FAIL
  • Roll-out FAIL
  • Marketing FAIL

Tell us what went wrong and, if you recovered, how did that work and what were the long-term ramifications of the FAIL.  (Comedy welcome!)

We can then share a group hug and learn from each other’s mistakes in a Q & A session.

Send a short proposal or any questions you may have to Christopher Evjy (chris.evjy@gmail.com) or Kara Reuter (kreuter@worthingtonlibraries.org).  Please send proposals by March 25.

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