Women’s Perspectives #7: Women and Communication

Women’s Perspectives #7: Women and Communication will feature original writings by adult literacy/basic education students.Writings are accepted from ALL adult literacy learners. Student writers are encouraged to think and share your ideas on this theme.
  • What does it mean to communicate?
  • How do we communicate?
  • What is technology?
  • How does technology affect our communication?
  • Do you have access to various types of technology? What supports do you need? How do you learn how to use them? How do you actually use them? (e.g., How I first started using Facebook.)
  • How does technology help you to communicate in a way you feel satisfied? What limitations do you think there are or have you experienced with it? What is the downside of using technology to communicate?
  • How does technology affect our family structures and communications with extended family?
  • Does faster technology make for better communication?
  • How do we communicate through storytelling?
  • How do we tell or communicate our family stories?
  • How does writing our memoirs communicate our life stories to others? What memoirs have meant the most to you?
  • What are some challenges to communication, and how do you overcome them?

For more information go to: https://ucs.psu.edu/zimbra/public/launchNewWindow.jsp?skin=beach&localeId=en_US&full=1


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