The 9th IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE 2012)

*** Sponsored by ***
IEEE Computer Society (approval pending)
Alibaba Group Research Center, China

*** Important Dates ***
– Paper Submission Deadline May 11, 2012
– Notification of Acceptance June 18, 2012
– Final Manuscripts Due  July 1, 2012
– Author Registration  July 1, 2012
– Early Bird Registration August 9, 2012
– Conference Starts  September 9-11, 2012

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*** Call for Papers ***
+ Data and Knowledge Management for e-Business Track
  – Data and knowledge engineering for e-business
  – Workflow and business process tools and management for e-business
  – Semantic Web, Web 2.0, and business intelligence
  – Stream processing, complex event processing and continuous queries
  – e-business marketing, data mining, and relationship management
  – Machine learning, cybernetics, and agents for e-business services management
  – Knowledge management and e-learning
+ Software Engineering for e-Business Track
  – Design methods, tools and science for e-business
  – Models, platforms and applications for e-business
  – Components, services and solutions for e-business
+ Service Engineering Track
  – SOA business modeling and governance
  – SOA enterprise architecture, service bus and federated architecture
  – SOA business process management and orchestration
  – Grid services
+ Integration and Collaboration Track
  – Collaboration technologies and applications for e-business
  – Semantic integration for e-business (e.g. integration of e-business vocabularies, documents and processes)
  – E-business functions integration (e.g. integrating functions of e-marketing, e-trade, e-payment and e-logistics)
  – Engineering electronic marketplace and supply chain
  – Virtual marketplace engineering in virtual world
  – Social computing for electronic and virtual marketplaces
+ Industrial Experiences and Applications Track
  – First-of-a-kind pilot studies
  – Large-scale deployments
  – Emerging real-world challenges
+ Green Technologies for Business Track
  – Carbon footprint, accounting and trading
  – Energy efficient computing and enabling technologies
  – Green business, organization, technology and practices
  – Green ecosystems and sustainable development
  – Green logistics and supply chain management
  – Standards, regulations, and legal issues
+ Cloud Computing Track
  – Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Application as a Service
  – Extreme scalability, high availability, elasticity, and reliability in a cloud
  – Multi-tenancy, security and privacy in clouds
  – Programming models and transaction models for the cloud
  – Cloud business support services and operational support services
+ Mobile Commerce Track
  – Mobile methods, applications and integrated solutions
  – Ubiquitous content access
  – Context awareness and smart environments
  – Resource discovery of mobile services
  – 3G technology and services for e-business
  – Social networks and social behavior modeling in mobile commerce
+ Security, Privacy and Open Source Track
  – Security, privacy and trust methods and solutions for enabling e-business
  – Open source technologies and components for e-business
  – Open source version management
  – Authentication in e-business
+ Business Analytics and Optimization Track
  – Decision support for e-business
  – Real-time analytics for e-business
  – Modeling and simulation of e-businesses
  – Applications of predictive modeling to e-business
  – E-business process optimization
+ Internet of Things (IoT) Track
  – Legal perspectives in IoT-based business service
  – IoS (Internet of Services) plus IoT
  – New business models and value map
  – Auto-organization on context, exchange or supply chain
  – Sensor systems and RFID applications

*** Organizing Committee ***
+ General Chairs
  – Deren Chen, Zhejiang University, China
  – Chunxiao Liang, Alibaba Group Research Center, China
  – Jen-Yao Chung, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA

+ General Vice Chair
  -Xiaolin Zheng, Zhejiang University, China

+ Program Chairs
  – Kuo-Ming Chao, Coventry University, UK
  – Hui Lei, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
  – Yinsheng Li, Fudan University, China

+ Program Vice Chair
  – Shuren Zhang, Alibaba Business College, China

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