Civic Engagement in the Feminist Classroom

We are seeking contributions for a special issue of the journal Feminist
Teacher, to be co-edited by LeeRay M. Costa (Hollins University) and Karen
Leong (Arizona State University).  We are interested in single- or
co-authored essays that examine civic engagement from feminist perspectives
and how civic engagement is explored and practiced in feminist classrooms.
Final essays should be between 20 and 30 pages in length. Relevant topics
might include:
�     What does a �feminist civic engagement� look like?

�     Developing working relationships and collaborating with community
      organizations outside of the university

�     Preparing students to work and interact with different communities

�     Teaching students about race and class privilege that may shape their
      interactions with community members

�     How to locate and secure institutional support for civic engagement

�     The logistics of developing civic engagement projects for different
      campus contexts (e.g., commuter campus, community college, liberal
      arts college, vocational school, etcS)

�     Examples of assignments with discussion of theories that inform
      pedagogical decisions

�     Intersectional approaches in civic engagement pedagogy

�     Civic engagement across the WGS curriculum

�     Civic engagement as a form of lifelong learning

Please submit a one-page abstract (no more than 400 words) by April 15,
2012, to and .  Contributors will be
notified whether they have been selected for the special issue by May 1.
Articles will be due to the editors by July 25, and final submissions will
be due September 15. Information about and guidelines for submission to
Feminist Teacher may be found at

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