“Can iPads replace laptops?”

L&L needs submissions for our Point/Counterpoint and Feedback from the Field departments! We are looking for arguments on both sides of the question “Can iPads replace laptops?”


One-to-one laptop programs were once considered the Holy Grail of educational technology solutions. But while most schools were still waiting to pull together the funding and support for such a program, technology continued to advance. With hundreds of thousands of free and low-cost educational apps, a portable size, a user-friendly interface, and a relatively low price point, iPads have become the gadget of the moment and, many argue, a better educational solution than laptops. Laptop advocates, however, point out that the larger devices are still better than tablets for many functions that students need, including word processing and video editing. Unfortunately, most schools can’t afford both. What do you think? Are laptops a thing of the past, or still the best option for classrooms?


Point/Counterpoint essays are relatively informal. For an example of what we’re looking for, check out the May Point/Counterpoint. We need one essay of approximately 400 words on each side of this issue, so consider either defending your argument passionately or playing the devil’s advocate, rather than arguing down the middle.


If you don’t have time to write an entire essay on this subject but still would like to weigh in, feel free to post a 25- to 50-word response on some aspect of this issue, and we may choose an excerpt to publish in our Feedback from the Field section. Please include your name, job title, city, state or province, and country.


And if you don’t have time to write anything but do have an opinion, take part in our Reader’s Poll on this topic on the L&L page of ISTE’s website.


To enter, post your essay on the discussion forum titled “Can iPads Replace Laptops?” on L&L’s group page on the ISTE Community Ning. Please include some form of contact information.


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If your Point/Counterpoint essay is selected, we’ll contact you for a high-resolution photo and a short (35-word) bio in addition to your 400-word essay. If you don’t hear from us, keep an eye out for an excerpt from your response in the Feedback from the Field section of L&L. Thanks in advance for a stimulating discussion!


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