Apply to host LOEX of the West 2014!

Arising from an interest to provide a library user education conference in the West, the first LOEX of the West conference was held at Willamette University in June 1994, with the theme “Cultivating the Electronic Landscape: Teaching and Learning in a Climate of Constant Change.” The success of this conference led to another in June 1996 at University of Washington, Seattle, with the theme “Collaboration and Instructional Design in a Virtual Environment.” The conference has continued since then every 2 years.

LOEX of the West is not officially associated with the LOEX Clearinghouse for Library Instruction at the Eastern Michigan University Library. However, the LOEX of the West conferences have followed the LOEX conference model of a limited number of attendees, promoting an atmosphere for library professionals to learn and share experiences and ideas with others.

LOEX of the West 2014 will be hosted by Portland State University Library.

The LOEX of the West 2012 & 2014 Conference Planning Committees are seeking applications from institutions or organizations interested in hosting the 12th LOEX of the West Conference (LOTW) in 2016.


Institutions wishing to host LOTW 2016 should fill out the form on the 2012 LOTW Website.


Submit your application by: mid-January 2013
Decision will be made by:  beginning of February 2013

All applicants will be notified by:  end of February 2013

Important information and tips to applicants:

         Support from your institution/organization is important (this includes available facilities and staff support).

         The conference is a very grass roots organization (not formally affiliated with the LOEX Clearinghouse for Library Instruction at Eastern Michigan University) – it is run by the conference hosts with no formal structure, dues, or governance.  The money to run the conference comes from registration fees.

         Registration fees should be kept reasonable.  The LOTW 2012 registration fees were $240 and $75 for the preconference (for LOTW 2012, this included all meals during the conference).

         LOTW attendance ranges between 175-250 people.

         Think about a potential planning committee (who on your library’s staff will be involved?) and your team’s experience/ability to host a large event.

         Housing: it is essential to have hotels/residences nearby.

         Transportation: access to your location (nearby airports, public transit to get around your city/town, etc.) is a key factor.

         The possibility for activities or excursions for attendees outside of sessions is a plus.

         Any additional money left over from the conference usually goes to the next conference team.

         For a little more history on LOTW and to see the conference themes from previous years (with links to their conference websites where available), click here.


The LOTW 2016 Selection Committee will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have about hosting. Please contact either of the following people with questions:


Contact from the 2012 LOTW team:  Raida Gatten (Woodbury University, Burbank, CA)  –

Contact from the 2014 LOTW team:  Joan Petit (Portland State University, Portland, OR)

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