LIS Perspectives on Privacy and Information Management

Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science

Suggested title: LIS Perspectives on Privacy and Information Management

Guest editors: Jacquelyn Burkell and Alexandre Fortier

Proposed aim and scope: Information professionals have the difficult task of managing information and supporting others to do the same in an increasingly complex environment where issues of information protection, control, and ownership are of paramount importance. These issues present challenges to the practice of information professionals: for example, how can libraries adequately protect the privacy of patron information? They also invite a discussion of the role of information professionals in public education and literacy: should information professionals be responsible for public education on issues such as privacy, intellectual property, and copyright? This special issue focuses on the role of information professionals with respect to these aspects of information management. We are seeking submissions that address these issues, examining questions including (but not limited to):

1)    Among information professionals, what is the state of knowledge regarding information protection, control and ownership? What do information professionals know and need to know about issues such as privacy and information management? What training do we offer, and what should we offer, to information professionals with respect to these issues?

2)    How are information professionals responding to the policy issues that arise with respect to privacy and information management? How are these issues affecting service delivery? What policies are being developed, and what are the challenges to effective policy responses?

3)    What is the role of information professionals in helping people to become more literate and able to respond to privacy and information management challenges? What programs are being developed? Are interventions effective?

Proposed timeline:          Deadline for submission: March 15, 2014

                                                First round of review (results): May 15, 2014

                                                Final manuscript submission: June 30, 2014

                                                Planned publication date: September 2014

Authors are invited to visit the journal’s website for presentation guidelines and send their submissions in electronic format – an e-mail attachment in Word is preferred – to one of the following addresses: Jacquelyn Burkell Alexandre Fortier


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