NEQPOC: New England Queer People of Color Conference

NEQPOC Call for Proposals 2014
New England Queer People of Color Conference
Davis Center, University of Vermont March 21-22, 2014 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Sunday, January 5, 2014

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We are now accepting program proposals and research poster presentations for the inaugural year of the New England QPOC regional conference. The NEQPOC Conference, hosted at the University of Vermont, strives to provide visibility, liberation, and empowerment for queer-identifying people of color in the New England area. The conference is a safe, empowering space where self-identifying queer people of color can build and strengthen social connections and critically engage in dialogue about the intersecting social, political and theoretical dimensions of the NEQPOC identity and community. (For more information or to register for the conference, go to<>).

Successful program/poster proposals will:
∙ Contribute to an anti-oppressive space where the QPOC experience is forefront
∙ Use innovative approaches that deconstruct or subvert traditional presentation formats
∙ Encourage artistic expression, creativity, and audience participation
∙ Clearly identify its audience and avoid academic/technical jargon

We encourage submissions from varying perspectives including professionals, academics, students, and community activists/organizers. The knowledge shared within the community is more important than considering oneself an expert.

All workshop and poster proposals will be reviewed by members of the NEQPOC Conference Planning Committee. All individuals are invited to submit a proposal. Only accepted submissions will receive a response. Affiliation with the university does not guarantee that your proposal will be accepted. The conference reserves the right to pass on any proposals that do not support the mission of the conference, the planning committee priorities, or the university.

The NEQPOC Conference will be held on the University of Vermont campus. Although we ask for a donation, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Presenters are asked to volunteer their time and services. Presenters will receive information about local hotels and transportation options in the presenter information packet.


Please contact The NEQPOC Conference Planning Committee at<>. We also invite you to visit the website at<>, where you may register for the conference.

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