Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant (User services)

Do you have a project that is just waiting for the right funding?  Are you
thinking about ways that libraries can improve services to users?

The American Library Association (ALA) gives an annual grant for those
conducting research that will lead to the improvement of services to users.
The Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant is given to one or more librarians or
library educators who will conduct innovative research that could lead to an
improvement in services to any specified group of people.

The grant, up to $3,000, will be given to a proposed project that aims to
answer a question of vital importance to the library community that is national
in scope. Among the review panel criteria are:

• The research problem is clearly defined, with a specific question or
questions that can be answered by collecting data. The applicant(s) clearly
describe a strategy for data collection whose methods are appropriate to the
research question(s). A review of the literature, methodologies, etc. is not
considered research (e.g., methodology review rather than application of a
methodology) for purposes of the award, except where the literature review is
the primary method of collecting data.

• The research question focuses on benefits to library users and should
be applied and have practical value as opposed to theoretical.

• The applicant(s) demonstrate ability to undertake and successfully
complete the project. The application provides evidence that sufficient time
and resources have been allocated to the effort. Appropriate institutional
commitment to the project has been secured.

Any ALA member may apply, and the Jury would welcome projects that involve both
a practicing librarian and a researcher.

Deadline is December 12, 2014.

Check out this web site to find procedures and an application form: See
the section on How to Apply.

Also see related documents linked near the bottom of the page for:
Schedule and Procedures
Proposal Requirements and Application Cover Sheet:

Full press release:

Questions?   Contact Anne Houston, Smith College Libraries, at

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