Girls Studies

Girls Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Undergraduate Research is a peer reviewed, open access journal that publishes the work of undergraduate students on topics such as the socialization of female adolescents, gender expectations, identity, body image, the impact of media on girls, and girl empowerment. Submissions of an interdisciplinary nature as well as from across the disciplines–for example, from Sociology, History, Literature, Cultural Studies, Education, Art, and Feminist Theory (to name a few)– are welcomed.

The aim of Girls Studies is to provide a forum for undergraduate students in a variety of disciplines to engage in conversations of gender and equality, particularly as it relates to the field of girls studies. It is our hope that, by participating in this particular academic discourse, these students will critically engage in these issues beyond their undergraduate studies, either in graduate work or in their professional lives.

We invite undergraduates of any institution to submit the following:

• Editorial, opinion, or perspective essays

• Research papers

• Reviews of relevant media (books, movies, television)

Likewise, we encourage those who work with undergraduate students to urge revision of course assignments with the aim of submission to Girls Studies.

Further information can be found, and submissions made, at our website (

Inquiries can be sent to Dr. Heather Hahn ( or Dr. Allan Nail (, editors.

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