Code4Lib Journal (C4LJ) guest editor issue diversity within library technology

The Code4Lib Journal (C4LJ) exists to foster community and share
information among those interested in the intersection of libraries,
technology, and the future.

Discussions  on the Code4Lib listserv and keynotes by Valerie Aurora and Sumana
Harihareswara at Code4Lib 2014 show that diversity is a topic of ongoing
importance to the Code4Lib community.  A
recent editorial
in the Code4Lib Journal by Ron Peterson originally sparked discussion
of the idea for a special issue among the journal’s editorial committee;
the demographic breakdown of both the author community and the
committee itself laid bare the fact that diversity is a major challenge
even in communities that are highly supportive.  With this in mind, the
Code4Lib Journal will present a special issue on diversity within
library technology as its 28th publication, to be published in April

The Editorial Committee recognizes the value that different backgrounds and
experiences bring to our editorial process. We also recognize a lack of
diverse voices represented among us, so we are seeking applications and
nominations for guest editors to help shape and curate this special
issue. Guest editors will collaborate with members of the Editorial
Committee on soliciting, reviewing, selecting, and editing articles as
well as co-authoring an editorial with the Coordinating Editor. We are
seeking individuals with a demonstrated commitment to forwarding
diversity and inclusivity in library technology; editorial/writing
experience is preferable, but not necessary.

Work as a guest editor will involve around ten hours of work per month,
running from December/January through April 2015.  As part of the guest
editorial committee, you will define the process and criteria for
selecting articles as well as contribute to the issue’s editorial
introduction.  You will also be able to work closely with selected
authors in order to provide suggestions and help develop the issue’s
articles.  The journal’s regular editorial committee will provide
assistance in this process as second readers and sounding boards, but
you will be the main driving force behind the success of the issue.

We will continue to accept applications until December 1, 2015.  To apply for a spot or nominate someone else, please email your/the nominee’s CV and a brief letter of interest to  Your letter should address these two basic questions:

1) What is your/the nominee’s background in diversity in library tech?

2) What is your/the nominee’s potential contribution to the special issue?

If you have any questions, contact us by email at or email me, coordinating editor for the special issue, directly (

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