Feminist Pedagogy Conference: Transformations


April 17, 2015

Hosted by the Feminist Studies Group and the Center for the Study of Women
and Society

The Feminist Pedagogy Conference seeks participants for a day-long
conference entitled “Feminist Pedagogy: Transformations.” The conference
will be held on April 17, 2015 at the CUNY Graduate Center, in New York, NY.

The Feminist Pedagogy Conference is a venue for conversation between
scholars and activists across the disciplines around the present state of
feminist pedagogy and work on gender, both within and beyond the academy.
Building on previous work, this is a forum to share pedagogical methods and
ideas for teaching in women and gender studies and/or feminist approaches
to learning and classroom strategies in various disciplines. Our aim is to
address issues of gender and sexuality, in conjunction with race and class,
both inside and outside of the academy.

We invite proposals related to the theory and practice of
feminist pedagogy in a rapidly transforming university context. For
example, proposals might address new forms of pedagogy given the increasing
adjunctification of the university, the translation of radical
redistributive demands into symbolic gestures of recognition and inclusion,
and the increasing reliance upon and exploitation of the affective labor
disproportionately performed by marginalized subjects.

We also seek proposals for feminist pedagogical practices that respond to
and resist new and old forms of colonial, carceral, racist, or neoliberal
feminist thought. How can feminist teachers respond effectively to
practices and ideologies of mass  incarceration, settler colonialism,
homonationalism, pink washing/watching, and the neoliberal rhetoric of
personal responsibility and choice that obscures the elimination of the
welfare state?

We invite proposals on any of these, or the following topics:

The effect of adjunctification on the practice and theory of
feminist pedagogy

Feminist pedagogies of writing, composition, and research methods

Teaching the politics of affective labor

Trans* men and women at gender segregated schools or other institutions

Trans*feminist action and pedagogy

Pedagogies of decentering whiteness, cisgender experiences, or

Anti-racist pedagogies in a “post-racial” age

Decolonizing feminist pedagogy

Teaching global feminisms

Feminist pedagogies for and of the precariat (students, teachers,

Feminist pedagogy in the era of standardized testing

Technologies of feminist pedagogy

Activism and service-oriented learning

Addressing campus rape culture in the classroom

“Leadership” and feminist pedagogy

Politics of “assessment”

Negative affect and feminist pedagogy

Politics of hope

Feminism in general education

Online/distance learning and feminist pedagogy

Strategies for the feminist classroom

Submissions for panels, roundtables, workshops, and creative and/or
multimedia presentations are welcome. Those interested should submit
abstracts (250-300) briefly describing their intended presentations. Please
also specify what type of submission: paper (approx. 20 minutes),
roundtable (larger group of 5-10 minute presentations followed by
conversation), or creative. We welcome both individual submissions and
pre-formed panels or roundtables. We are actively seeking contributions
from historically marginalized or underrepresented groups. With your
abstract, please include a brief biography.

Please submit abstracts to feministpedagogyconference@gmail.com no later
than January 31st, 2015.

Information about the conference will be available at:

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