Call for Submissions

There is an exciting opportunity offered to people who have studied Mythology and Modern life, are currently studying online, or have completed degrees via online study. This opportunity is provided by Femspec, an “interdisciplinary feminist journal dedicated to science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, surrealism, myth, folklore, and other supernatural genres.” Femspec would like to publish papers, art, photography, and writing on mythology as it relates to the female hero or central literary figure.

In addition to mythology, we are interested in individual experiences, articles, and materials that explore the study of feminist speculative arts and literature online, in the digital age. How is/was your online learning experience? Did you receive productive feedback from your instructor/s? How did that feedback shape your ideas?  Did you find discussion posts helpful to your learning process?

Submit your work for consideration or contact if you are interested in being quoted or interviewed janazeman@frontier.com  by March 15, 2015

Note:  Because Femspec is a fully independent journal funded by subscriptions rather than institutional support, subscription is required for submission.

Find us online:  www.femspec.org

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