Handbook of Research on Teacher Education for Ethical Professional Practice

Call for chapters
We are editing a handbook of research focused on teacher education. The full call is here- http://www.igi-global.com/publish/call-for-papers/call-details/1880 

The ubiquitous nature of technology has changed how people interact, communicate, collaborate and learn. With a simple click, a photograph can be shared with the world. With 140 simple characters, a post can capture a revolution in the making. While technology has provided exciting new possibilities in our society, it has also created new challenges and opportunities for teacher preparation programs that seek to develop professional ethical practices amongst their teacher candidates. An Internet search can lead one to a host of technological missteps by beginning and experienced teachers. From unprofessional posts on social media to inappropriate communication with students, technology has expanded the lens of ethical behavior for teachers. As a field, how do teacher educators best prepare teacher candidates for the professional practices in an ever-evolving digital society? Besides preparing new teachers to avoid unprofessional activities online, teacher educators must help them develop complex understandings of larger issues such as access, social justice, and diversity in digital world. These undertandings can help the beginning and inservice teacher better navigate the professional expectations as technologies, learning environments and methods of instruction continue to change.

This book looks to showcase research and examine initiatives by teacher educators to support the development of ethical professional practices for beginning and inservice teachers in digital world. The editors will seek chapters that address different aspects of professional practices including responsible use of instructional technologies, appropriate social media use, ethical training and related topics.

If you have questions please e-mail us,
Drew Polly (drew.polly@uncc.edu) and Oliver Dreon (oliver.dreon@millersville.edu)


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