PaLA C&CS (Connect & Communicate)

Are you a librarian working on a program or want to share your experiences? The C&CS would love to host you!

C&CS (Connect & Communicate) is a web-series from the College & Research Division of the Pennsylvania Library Association. We focus our programs for academic librarians, and we are looking to feature outstanding programs, including but not limited to instruction, research, outreach, collaboration, and everything in between. For some of our past presentations, click on this link.

We are particularly interested in the following topics, as indicated by our members:


*collaborative initiatives


*social/civic services/advocacy

And any thing else you might be working on! Please feel free to contact any member of the committee– including Erin Burns (, Sara Pike, Amy Snyder, Ryan Sittler, Ronalee Ciocco and Amanda Avery. We also have a Google form available here for you to use, and it is also available on our website:

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