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Maine Women Writers Collection


The Maine Women Writers Collection at the University of New England in Portland, Maine, solicits applications for its Research Support Grant Program.  These grants are intended for faculty members, independent researchers, and graduate students at the dissertation stage who are actively pursuing research that requires or would benefit from access to the holdings of the Maine Women Writers Collection.


MWWC Research Support Grants will range between $250 and $1000, and may be used for transportation, housing, and research-related expenses.


For application instructions and more information about the program and the Collection holdings, please see the MWWC website at http://www.une.edu/mwwc/research/grants.cfm


Questions may be directed to Cathleen Miller, MWWC Curator, at (207) 221-4334; cmiller10@une.edu.


Deadline for receipt of applications:  December 2, 2011.


The Maine Women Writers Collection, Abplanalp Library, Westbrook College Campus of the University of New England, is a pre-eminent special collection of published and non-published literary, cultural and social history sources, by and about women authors, either native or residents of Maine.  http://www.une.edu/mwwc/





MAMA SAID: The Artworks and Artifacts of Wise Women

Call for Artists  

Whether your mama, like the Shirelles’ moms, warned you that there’d be days like this, or whether she, like LL Cool J’s mom, advised you to knock out your competition, we’re sure that she had some wise words for you. During Women’s History Month 2012, we invite you to help us celebrate the wisdom that your mama (or other woman you admire) shared with you. Tell us her story and send us a visual representation (artwork – hers or yours; an object, piece of clothing or other possession of hers; etc.) that we can display.


The Women’s History Month (WHM) Committee at Idaho State University (ISU) is calling for submissions for MAMA SAID: The Artworks and Artifacts of Wise Women to be on exhibit at the Transition Gallery on the ISU campus, February 27 – March 10, 2012, in recognition of National Women’s History Month.


A formal call for artists can be found on our website at http://www.isu.edu/andersoncenter.



For further information, please contact the Anderson Center via phone (208-282-2805) or email gndrctr@isu.edu.

A Carnival of Feminist Cultural Activism: Conference and Festival

Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York, UK.
3-5 March 2011


We welcome proposals for a three-day international festival and conference of presentations, performances, exhibitions, academic papers & workshops.

The carnival is designed to offer a huge variety of activities, from zine
workshops to digital events; from skill sharing to alternative bands; from
open mic sessions to scripted plays; from radical stitching to interactive
installations; from comedy to academic papers.

We welcome people new to presenting and performing as well as those with
years and decades of expertise and experience.

We ask: can feminist art* change the world and, if so, how?
and we invite responses from activists, artists and academics.

*street theatre :: poetry :: music :: knitting :: zines :: digital fiction
:: podcasts :: dance :: performance :: painting :: puppetry :: frock-making
:: weaving :: gardening :: cooking :: sketches :: pottery :: blogs :: song
:: cartoons :: writing :: comedy :: sculpture :: posters :: comics ::
tweeting :: and so on

The event is designed to generate action as well as debate, and to inspire,
celebrate & challenge understandings of women, grassroots art & politics.
It is a deliberately open invitation – surprise us!

We welcome provisional ideas as well as full proposals. Please send draft
ideas asap, and full 300-word proposals for papers, panels, exhibitions,
workshops and performances plus a 50-word biography, by 31 October 2010.


E: carnival@feminist-cultural-activism.net

P: Carnival of feminist cultural activism
Centre for Women’s Studies
University of York
Yo10 5DD

W: www.feminist-cultural-activism.net

See website for further details or email if you have queries.

Black Motherhoods



Demeter Press is seeking submissions for an edited collection on Black Motherhoods


Editors: Karen T. Craddock, Nicole Banton and Saundra Murray Nettles Pub Date: 2012/2013


This anthology will explore the multi-faceted expressions, experiences,constructs and contexts of black motherhood through an interdisciplinary lens. We invite submissions addressing the range of key factors that contribute to and are impacted by the notion of black mothering and black motherhood primarily through psychological, sociological, humanities and public health frameworks which include investigations of cultural, biological, socio-political, relational and historical perspectives that inform our thinking and practice as it relates to black mothers.


We specifically encourage offerings that amplify or redress black motherhood and constructs of identity, relationships, mental and physical health practice and policy, education, art/media and advocacy. Through this diverse exploration a deeper understanding and consideration about black motherhood will be expanded. This multi-disciplinary excavation of both long held and newly emergent ideologies of black mothering will allow a necessary space to examine the importance and impact of black mother(ing)(hood) in society.


A goal of this volume is to catalyze future expression, research and praxis while contributing to a variety of fields including cultural analysis,race/gender studies, and literary and art criticism. We look forward to including a range of academic writing as well as narrative essays and some creative works.


Suggested topics include but are not limited to:


identity development, psychological depression, resistance to marginalization, research and policy on reproductive rights, pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding, literary, media and artistic renderings of black motherhood,consideration of and comparison within the black Diaspora, social constructions of black motherhood and race, gender politics, personal narrative, ethnography, black mothering in diverse familial, social and professional contexts, lesbian black mothers, feminist theory, marital status and black motherhood, parenting/caretaking practices, childcare, trans-racial adoption, black adolescent mothers, role of black men, role of relationship among black women and influence on mothering, historical and contemporary treatments of black motherhood.


Submission guidelines:


Abstracts should be 250 words. Please also include a brief biography (50 words).


Deadline for abstracts is September 1, 2010 Accepted papers of 4000-5000 words (15-20 pages) will be due September 2011 and should conform to the Modern Language Association style.


Please send submissions and inquiries directly to:

Karen T. Craddock, Ph.D. kcrad@brandeis.edu, Nicole Banton, Ph.D. nicban@ufl.edu

and Saundra Murray Nettles, Ph.D. srmurraynettles@gmail.com


Demeter Press

140 Holland St. West, PO 13022

Bradford, ON, L3Z 2Y5

www.demeterpress.org info@demeterpress.org



Representing Motherhood:Mothers in the Arts, Literature, Media and Popular Culture

In celebration of Mother's Day, The Motherhood Institute for Research and Community Involvement (MIRCI) with co-sponsor, Ryerson University Department of English, are hosting a conference on the topic of Representing Motherhood: Mothers in the Arts, Literature, Media and Popular Culture May 21-22, 2010, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON. We welcome submissions from scholars, students, activists, artists, community agencies, service providers, journalists, mothers and others who work or research in this area. Cross-cultural, historical, and comparative work is encouraged. We encourage a variety of types of submissions including academic papers from all disciplines, workshops, creative submissions, performances, storytelling, visual arts, and other alternative formats. Topics can include (but are not limited to): Representing the Maternal in Film, Video, Art, Music, and Theater; Theorizing Motherhood and Representation; Race, Representation and Motherhood; Maternal Ambivalence in visual culture; Countering Media Discourses on Motherhood; Maternal Loss, Depression, and Domestic Violence; Performing Feminist Mothering in Practice and Expression; Mother Writer: Writing Motherhood; Creating Outlaw Children; Imaging LGBT Mothers and Maternity; "Late bloomers": Post-Maternal Mother Artists; Representing Motherhood on the Internet; The Politics of Motherhood and Spirituality in Music and Visual Culture; Motherhood, Art, and Creativity; Healing and Creativity; The Performance of the Maternal or Performing Motherhood; Mothering and Disability: Producing New Paradigms of Normal; Motherhood in the News: Mothers as Newsmaker; Documenting Motherhood: Maternal Documentaries; Mothers, Motherhood and Photography; Behind the Camera: Mothers as Filmmakers, Directors, Producers; Mother Musicians across Musical Genres: Rock, Rap, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Country Narratives of Creative Mothers: Moms who "Rock," Expressing: Imaging Breastfeeding Mothers, Mommy Bloggers: Re-Writing Motherhood, etc.; Dealing with (Post-partum) Depression by Making Creative Work; Pregnant moms; Celebrity mothers; How images of fathers impact motherhood representation; News media coverage of foster moms; Moms in politics; teen mothers in film or television; advertising as aimed at pregnant/new Moms; Mothers as consumers; Mothering and the representation of Class EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS *Please email 250 word presentation abstract (including title) and 50 word bio to info@motherhoodinstitute.org by April 10, 2010 Motherhood Institute for Research and Community Involvement (MIRCI) www.motherhoodinstitute.org info@motherhoodinstitute.org ------------------ Dr. Andrea O'Reilly, Associate Professor, School of Women's Studies, Founder-Director: Association for Research on Mothering, Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, Demeter Press, Co-Founder, Museum of Motherhood, Co-Founder, International Mothers Network, Editor, Encyclopedia of Motherhood, Sage Press, 2010. York University, Toronto, Ont., M3J 1P3 416 736 2100;60366 aoreilly@yorku.ca www.yorku.ca/arm RECENT BOOK PUBLICATIONS: Monographs Toni Morrison and Motherhood: A Politics of the Heart. SUNY Press, 2004. Rocking the Cradle: Thoughts on Motherhood, Feminism and The Possibility of Empowered Mothering.Demeter Press, 2006. Edited: Books Feminist Mothering. SUNY Press, 2008. Maternal Theory: Essential Readings.Demeter Press, 2007. You Can Get There from Here: Celebrating 25 Years of Bridging Courses for Women at York University. With Ruby Newman. School of Women's Studies, York University, 2006. Motherhood: Power and Oppression. With Marie Porter and Patricia Short. Women's Press, 2005. 

Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today’s World

We are inviting academic editorial contributors to the Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World, a new print and electronic reference that will look at women today around the world and delve into the contexts of being female in the 21st century. Thus the scope of the encyclopedia will focus on women's status starting in approximately 2000 and look forward. The work will present state-of-the-art research, ready-to-use facts. The 1,000 signed entries (with cross-references and recommended readings) will cover issues in contemporary women's and gender studies and the articles will include information relevant to the following academic disciplinary contexts: women in different cultures/countries; arts and media; business and economics; criminal justice; education; family studies; health; media; military; politics; science and technology; sports; environmental studies; and religion. We are COMPLETING assignments with a submission due date of APRIL 15, 2010 (FIRM) This comprehensive project will be published in stages by SAGE Reference and will be marketed to academic and public libraries as a print and digital product available to students via the library's electronic services. The General Editors, who will be reviewing each submission to the project, are Dr. Mary Zeiss Stange of Skidmore College, and Dr. Carol K. Oyster of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. If you are interested in contributing to this cutting-edge reference, it is a unique opportunity to contribute to the contemporary literature, redefining women's issues in today's terms. Moreover, it can be a notable publication addition to your CV/resume and broaden your publishing credits. SAGE Publications offers an honorarium ranging from SAGE book credits for smaller articles up to a free set of the printed product or access to the online product for contributions totaling 10,000 words or more. The list of available articles is already prepared, and as a next step we will e-mail you the Article List (Excel file) from which you can select topics that best fit your expertise and interests. Additionally, Style and Submission Guidelines will be provided that detail article specifications. If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding reference with the Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World, please contact me by the e-mail information below. Please provide a brief summary of your academic/publishing credentials in women's and gender issues. Thanks very much. Sue Moskowitz Director of Author Recruitment Golson Media women@golsonmedia.com 

Women’s Liberation Movement @ 40 Conference Continuities and Change

Ruskin College Oxford is proud to announce an event marking the 40th Anniversary of the first Women’s Liberation Conference in the UK.  On 12th-13th March 2010, Ruskin will again host myriad discussion about contemporary feminism.  The website for the conference is now up (www.wlm40conference.org.uk) which includes booking forms and the Call for Papers.  Submissions are now being taken on issues relating to feminist history (particularly in relation to the 1970 conference), feminist activism, practice and creativity.  Deadline for abstracts/outlines is 5th February 2010.  Keynote speakers are confirmed as Shelia Rowbotham, Bea Campbell, Gail Lewis and Kristin Aune & Catherine Redfern.  The website has all other practical and programme information. Please send round this email through your various networks to ensure wide dissemination. Sincerely Dr Louise Livesey Ruskin College Oxford Call for Papers – WLM@40 Are you doing feminist work?  Research, activism, support services, teaching or something else?  If so, do you want to submit a paper to the conference?  We’re looking for papers, panels and workshop sessions as well as creative sessions for two days.     * Papers – research, practice or theory based (or any combination) of not more than 20 minutes (plus time for questions).  All papers are welcome.  Please submit an abstract of no more than 450 words and include relevant biographical information.     * Panels – want to put together a panel of speakers on a pressing issue?  Panel Sessions available (max three speakers is suggested).  Please submit a list of speakers and key questions to be addressed (not a definitive list but some sort of guide).     * Workshops – want to disseminate the results of something you’re involved in or provide training on new areas of work/practice?  Please submit an abstract of no more than 450 words and include relevant organisational information.     * Creative Sessions – the creative arts have always played an important role in feminism, if you want to offer a creative session this is your chance whether it’s introduction to knitting or radical cheerleading….  Please submit a brief outline of what will be on offer and what space requirements you will need.  Materials must be provided by the session co-ordinators. There is a more detailed hard copy of the call for papers (www.wlm40conference.org.uk/callforpapers.doc) here – please print copies and display in your organisation/institution. All applications to be sent to llivesey@ruskin.ac.ukby 5th February 2010.  Confirmation of inclusion will be sent out on or before 12th February 2010.  In the meantime we hope you will want to attend the conference anyway and encourage you to book your place now  (www.wlm40conference.org.uk/booking.html).   

Who’s Queer? Whose Queer?

The Eighth Annual Women’s Studies Student Conference presents as this
year’s theme: Who’s Queer? Whose Queer?

Here’s the C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

How do we understand queer?  Whose definitions of “queer” matter?  Is
there a place for queerness in feminism and/or Women’s Studies?  Moreover,
what are the implications of queering or *not* queering feminist inquiry?

We invite students (both graduate and undergraduate from all disciplines
and colleges), as well as activists and artists, to submit proposals for
papers, film, music, art, live performance, and other creative and
critical works.

We especially encourage analyses that address through a queer and feminist
lens the intersections of gender, race, class, (trans)nationality,
(dis)ability, and sexuality.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

•       Personal vs. group identities.
•       Queer productions of knowledge.
•       Queer readings of current events and pop culture (e.g. the late Michael
Jackson, Lady Gaga, Caster Semanya, etc.).
•       Queer bodies and embodiment.
•       Queer politics and politicians.
•       Queer media and art.
•       Queer histories.
•       Taboos and deviance.
•       Globalizing queerness.

Please submit 200-word abstracts briefly describing your work to
wstudent@albany.edu no later than Friday, October 30, 2009.

Abstracts describing film and live performances should indicate the
project’s running time (image or digital files of media projects may also
be submitted as e-mail attachments or through a URL if presented on the
web). You may use the same e-mail address to send us any inquiries.

For more information, please visit our website:

This year’s conference will be held on December 4, 2009, in Humanities 354
on the uptown campus of the University at Albany, SUNY.

Our Stories, OurSelves The EmBODYment of Women’s Learning

Mev Miller, Ed.D. & Kathleen P. King, Ed.D., Editors

How do women’s bodies matter in adult literacy and basic education? Our Volume 1 (Empowering Women through Literacy: Views from Experience) focused on empowering women in the classroom and primarily addressed intellectual and personal barriers to and growth for women’s literacy learning.

However, we are aware of the many ways in which women’s bodies and whole selves are integral to the womanhood we celebrate, yet are ignored, or even silenced, in traditional adult ABE, ESOL, and literacy classes. Even when we do recognize or talk about women’s bodies, these discussions generally focus on sexual violence, childcare/parenting, or health. Educators and students seek expression as embodied women, but find these realities difficult to include in current programs and classes.

The editors seek to gather writings about the many dimensions of womanhood, specifically related to em-body-ment, as they are experienced in literacy and basic/developmental educational settings. We encourage a variety of genres including stories, creative writing, poetry, articles, drawings, and research.

September 30, 2009

Full proposal guidelines

Form (required)

For more information, contact:
Mev Miller, Ed.D.,

Threat Level: An Evening of Queer Shorts

Threat Level: An Evening of Queer Shorts, the Chicago Queer film/video screening, is seeking submissions.

This is a bi-monthly screening series of both new and old short (max 30 minutes) queer film/video work. If you identify yourself or your work as somehow queer, then you and your work belong.

Submissions due July 3rd for the upcoming July screening ­ the LAST of Threat Level in its current form.

Stay tuned for Autumn ’09 when Threat Level morphs and becomes…
• Quarterly!
• In both NYC and CHI simultaneously!
• Full of surprises!

Please send all submissions to:

“Threat Level”
c/o Feder/Rosskam
1265 W. Early Ave #2
Chicago, IL 60660

**please send only DVD’s, along with a short description of the work, and contact info of the filmmaker**

Email us : threatlevelqueershorts@gmail.com
All proceeds benefit current film projects of MamSir Productions, Moving Train Media and Actor Slash Model.