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2009 AECT International Convention

‘Integrative Approaches: Meeting Challenges’
Louisville, Kentucky
Concurrent Sessions: October 28-31
Workshop Sessions: Tue. October 27 , Wed. October 28, & Sat. October 31

<!– Proposal Deadline: February 15, 2009 – DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 18TH

–>Invitation To Present

Ongoing developments in learning and instruction as well as in scholarship and research require creativity and flexibility in meeting the challenges posed by emerging technologies, changes in learning and working situations, and new demands placed on education and training. Our professional community exists in an exciting and dynamic world that requires us to do more than merely maintain our knowledge and skills – we must engage in ongoing professional renewal, growth, and transformation.

The AECT International Convention supports our efforts to improve ourselves by bringing together participants from across this diverse nation and from around the world who offer practical applications, high quality research, hands-on workshops, and demonstrations of innovative approaches and developments in learning, instructional and performance technologies. You are invited to present at the 2009 AECT International Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Share your expertise and knowledge with your peers, with those new to the field, and with professional practitioners and researchers representing multiple disciplines.

This year’s convention theme is Integrative Approaches: Meeting Challenges. Given developments in research, technology, and society, professional practice in the various disciplines that comprise the AECT community continue to change and evolve. To meet the challenges posed by ongoing changes, we need serious and sustained efforts to (a) actively incorporate findings from multiple disciplines; (b) involve key stakeholders at multiple levels to transform education and training; (c) integrate technologies seamlessly into learning, instruction, and performance; (d) dynamically interweave research, practice, and theory development; and (e) demonstrate what works when and why with regard to improving learning, instruction, and performance. Meeting these challenges is an ambitious undertaking. The most one can do in a short period of time is to take a few steps. One of those steps can be participation in the AECT 2009 International Convention in Louisville.

In keeping with the convention theme, proposals may be submitted that include the use of advanced information and communications technologies as well as more traditional proposals that present findings and discuss important developments in research and practice. This convention will introduce two innovative kinds of sessions: Integrative Panels and Present@Distance. The former is aimed at involving presenters from multiple disciplines and perspectives to discuss a central and focused issue. The latter is aimed at promoting the use of those very technologies that are changing our lives as designers, developers, media specialists, researchers teachers, and trainers. There are six sub-themes around which this year’s presentations will be organized:

  1. Transforming Learning and Instruction
  2. Linking Design and Development with Learning and Performance
  3. Establishing the Benefits of Integrative and Interdisciplinary Approaches
  4. Exploring New Media in Learning, Instruction and Performance
  5. Assessing and Evaluating Educational Technology Applications
  6. Integrating Social Networking and Distributed Media into Learning and Instruction

General Information

Regular Proposals
Proposals Open – December 15, 2008
Proposals Close – February 14, midnight (EST), 2009

Proposal Process
All proposals must be submitted electronically (see Proposal Submission Process, below) to one primary AECT division or affiliated organization for consideration. Guidelines and principles posted at www.aect.org will assist in preparing proposals for submission. Presenters are expected to follow the AECT Code of Ethics, available at http://www.aect.org/About/Ethics.asp.

Presenters are limited to making no more than two (2) concurrent session presentations as key/first presenters during the convention. That is, proposers must select one division or affiliate to receive their proposal and not submit the same proposal (or one that is largely the same) to any other division or affiliate. Each division/affiliate has a Convention Planner (usually the President-Elect). If a Convention Planner and/or the peer review panel feel a proposal is not well suited to their division/affiliate, they may recommend it for consideration by another division/affiliate. This will occur without action by the proposer. In addition, a person may propose no more than two concurrent session presentations on which he or she is key presenter, although that individual may be a co-presenter on other proposals and may propose roundtables/poster presentations.

The intent of (1) not allowing submission of the same (or a very closely related) proposal to more than one division and (2) limiting the number of presentations on which a person may be key presenter is to assure a diverse program in which many strong presentations are included and little duplication occurs.

If you are unsure of the suitability of your proposal to a particular group, we encourage you to contact the Convention Planner for that group or organization.The following list describes particular topics suggested by each group and identifies the planner for each group.