EA 872 Week 5 Blog

This week I really dove into business process modeling and architecture.  It was like drinking through the firehose with all the different tools and nomenclatures.  I found it difficult to understand the subtle differences with the leading industry tools.

Some tools were slated more for specific functions, such as UML for software process modeling, and some accounted for more architecture stacks.   Archimate which allowed for business, systems and technology modeling.  Which in some cases is very beneficial for Enterprise Architecture.  I have been playing with ARIS tool and it seems to be good, but there is a learning curve for me.

This seems to be an area, where the industry must come together before enterprises can adopt one type of solution.  It seems for now, enterprises should pick the best framework and tool that meets their needs.  One important aspect to keep in mind is that once a tool/framework is selected.  everyone should use it.  variations within the enterprise at this level not only goes against a key Enterprise Architecture principle, but also is a recipe for disaster.

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