EA 872 Week 6 Blog


I had an interesting debate this week with a colleague about architectures and why we are creating so many different views.  My position was that depending on the audience the architectures and the story focus would be different.  For example, if I was speaking to senior leadership and was illustrating our technology stack, I would use high-level boxes and speak to the capabilities of our technologies.  If I was speaking to our Infrastructure group or maybe more technology focused group my illustrations and story would be more focused on the type of technology and how we specifically use it to enable the business.  My overall point was that was the benefit of Enterprise Architecture.  Having the “big picture” view to be able to speak to all levels of the enterprise.

This is one part of Enterprise Architecture that I think gets lost in enterprises.  Most think there is either a business strategy focus or a technology focus.  What I find is that they don’t make the connection that EA is the connection between the two and its effectiveness to marry strategy and technology together harmoniously.

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