EA 872 Weekly Blog Entry 12

Chatbots are one of the newest disruptive technologies in today’s business application landscape today.  Categorized as “apps” for voice and text messaging platforms, chatbots allow users to interact with digital business services and data using their spoken language.  Driven by the ever-expanding application marketplace, the Internet of Things (IoT), advancing cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI), and conversational interfaces, chatbots are being propelled into our everyday lives.

From an EA perspective, our concern the increased usage of chatbots on personal devices will give way to a Bring Your Own Virtual Assistant (BYOVA) into the corporate environment. The implications on information security cannot be underestimated because each request delivered to a chatbot is a proxy for a user request. 

Most Enterprise Software solutions are incorporating this function into their products, the concern will be that in some cases the chatbots from different system might conflict, causing confusion and potential errors within the business processes. 

In summary, chatbots are gaining in popularity and this is a very disruptive technology.  Enterprises should be vigilant and establish governance and policy quickly to address this emerging technology.

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