Professor Charles is an historian of the United States (broadly speaking) who researches and publishes on the history of the FBI.  He has focused on its intersections with gay and lesbian history, political surveillance, British intelligence, obscenity regulation, and American politics and diplomacy.

A leading historian of the FBI, he’s published multiple books and numerous articles and has appeared on C-SPAN, NPR’s “All Things Considered” & “On Point,” NY Public Radio’s “The Take Away,” Australian radio’s “Rear Vision,” the History Channel, and in a Yahoo News documentary. He has also given talks across the United States and in Europe. Dr. Charles has been referenced in the New York Times (twice), Washington Post, Christian Science MonitorLe Parisien Magazine, La Croix, de Volksrants (Netherlands), Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil), Business Standard (India), Australian Broadcasting Corp., NBC News, Yahoo News, Time Magazine, and PBS News Hour while contributing multiple OpEd and historical pieces as a public scholar to illuminate popular understanding of contemporary events.