FBI Files

I will be scanning and posting FBI files I’ve acquired via the FOIA here.


FBI Files Related to Gays:

20 June 1951 FBI Sex Deviates Program policy memo.

FBI files related to the Sex Deviates program (1937 – 1951, etc.)

President Eisenhower’s April 1953 Executive Order regarding gays in government.

FBI file and related documents on gaybaited FBI target, and State Dept employee, Charles Thayer.

FBI background report sent to White House on Charles Bohlen, Ike’s nominee as US ambassador to the USSR.

FBI file and related documents on State Dept & CIA officer Carmel Offie.

FBI files on the Mattachine Society (L.A.), Mattachine Society of Washington (MSW), FBI field office files on Mattachine, Daughters of Bilitis, Harry Hay, Bob Hull, Chuck Rowland, W. Dorr Leg, and Donald Webster Cory (Edward Sagarin).

FBI file on State Department Security Chief Robert W. Scott McLeod (former FBI agent who worked closely with Hoover to purge gays).

The FBI files related to gay activist Jack Nichols and his FBI agent father, plus the father’s FBI personnel file, and an Army informant report (documentary basis of my article on this).

The Nixon White House asks the FBI for information about gays in the press corps.

Audio clips related to the FBI and gays.


FBI Files Related to Obscenity/Pornography:

The Administrative File of the FBI’s (now-destroyed) Obscene File.

The FBI’s file on its Anti-Obscenity Squad of the 2000s


Miscellaneous FBI files: 

On the founding of the FBI.

President Lyndon Johnson exempts J. Edgar Hoover from mandatory retirement.

J. Edgar Hoover’s memos for file documenting President Roosevelt’s 1936 authorization of intelligence investigations.

President Franklin Roosevelt authorizes the use of illegal wiretaps in 1940.

Example of how Hoover — a conservative in the FDR administration — kowtowed to the president to preserve his job.

FBI’s file on aviator Laura Ingalls, convicted under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.

The FBI’s INLET (intelligence letter) program file, a formal, systematic program to provide high-level political intelligence to the Nixon White House. PART 1 and PART 2.