Meteorologist Drew Anderson has decade of television news experience.

Watch Drew’s weather, anchoring, and reporting on 10TV, Columbus’ most watched station:


Here’s what viewers say about Drew’s work:

  • “I’ve watched you faithfully on 10TV and I’m amazed at the work you do. Your presentation is awesome and you have mastered the art of meteorology.” -Faye
  • “I just enjoy your reporting and I learn a lot about the weather when you’re discussing it. I never realized the interest I had in weather until I started learning things about it from your forecasts and weather tidbits of info.”  -Ann

Watch more weather and reporting work samples here.

Meteorologist Drew Anderson at 10TV.

Meteorologist Drew Anderson has the most sought after television weather seal of approval (The American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal), an award from AccuWeather, and an Emmy nomination for excellence in weather reporting.

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