As a leader in social media, I originated a style of social media video posts at WBRE that later became the basis for the station’s social media policy.  NASA also noticed my work in social media.  They gave me special behind-the-scenes access to a rocket launch just so I could do social media reporting.

Lehigh Valley instructor brings NASA rocket launch to the classroom | Penn State University



Besides reporting on rocket launches on location in Cape Canaveral, Florida, I’ve also reported on rocket launches in the FOX43 studios.

Rocket Launch Reporting

Anyone in Lancaster County and in the entire Harrisburg TV viewing area could see a NASA science experiment.  NASA launched a rocket to make big, colorful clouds in the night sky.  They did this to better understand how magnetically-charged air from space moves in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Knowing the launch was coming, I left a pre-recorded report for FOX43 to air the night of the launch.

If you’re interested in learning more about space weather take a look at this web story I wrote for FOX43.  It explains the rocket launch in greater detail.

Eclipse Live Report

A week before the eclipse of 2017, I wanted to give viewers a way to visualize what they would see on the day of the eclipse.  I came up with this simple, yet effective demonstration:

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