Over the years, Meteorologist Drew Anderson has reported on all sorts of science and environmental stories.


Earth Day

Meteorologist Drew Anderson covered an Earth Day celebration, but quickly found that weather became the story.



To make live snow reports more engaging than the traditional “ruler in the snow”, Meteorologist Drew Anderson used snowstorm “must-haves” for props.

At the top of the hour, he stacked slices of bread to show how much snow had fallen.

Later in the hour, he showed viewers that a shovel full of wet snow weighed as much as a gallon of milk.

This innovation was awarded with an Emmy nomination for excellence in weather reporting.


Natural Disaster Reporting

In 2017, hurricane damage in Puerto Rico was a national story.

To give viewers a different perspective on the damage, Meteorologist Drew Anderson did this live touch screen report.


Microburst Damage

After straight-line winds tore through northern Lancaster County, Meteorologist Drew Anderson came in on a day off to help cover the storm.


Earthquake Reporting

When reports of an earthquake started flooding the newsroom, Meteorologist Drew Anderson got a story up on FOX43’s website right away. Then, he had a full report on the evening news.

When an earthquake struck central Pennsylvania, Drew wrote the script for the anchor to read and updated the stations website and social media with the latest information:

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