Media Log: 2 Key Senators Agree To Back Deal With Iran

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For months now the Iran Nuclear Deal has been one of the biggest topics in the news. The Iran nuclear deal framework is a preliminary agreement reached between Iran and a group of world powers which include the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, China and Germany. According to this framework, Iran agreed to redesign and convert its nuclear facilities and accept the Additional Protocol in exchange for a lift of all nuclear-related economical sanctions. Whether or not to accept this deal with Iran has been a huge debate among citizens and politicians, however an article published Wednesday, September 2, 2015 in the New York Times states that the deal is coming closer to finally being accepted.

According to the article written by David M. Herszenhorn, 2 Key Senators Agree To Back Deal With Iran, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Chris Cons of Delaware agreed to back the deal. These democratic senators agreement is likely to have resonance with the few remaining undecided Democrats.

This article will have an emotional impact on the readers, regardless of which side they are on. Supporters of the Iran Nuclear Deal will be very happy with the way the deal is going and that many senators are leaning towards backing it. People against the deal will feel as if the senators are giving up and not sticking up for what they actually believe is best for our country. The article was spun in a way that made it seem like the senators are backing this deal even though they feel like it has many flaws and they believe Iran will not hold their side of the bargain. They will back the deal though because no one was able to come up with a better idea.

The Public Relations people who work for both Senator Chris Coons and Bob Casey tried to push that their decisions weren’t easy to make. The article states that Mr. Casey still has many doubts that Iran will keep up its end of the bargain. It was also stated that Mr. Casey ultimately made his decision because it was in the United States national securities best interest. This was a good statement to announce because it will help American coupe with his decision knowing that it will make Americans more safe. From a Public Relations perspective, the senators should keep emphasizing that although this isn’t a perfect agreement, it is in our nations best interest. In the future both senators should come out with more statements on their reasoning.

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