Andrew Gross

My name is Andrew Gross and I am a Sophomore pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering at Penn State University. At school, I am active in the Blue Band, the ATLAS THON Organization, and Penn State Racing. This past summer, I lived in Pforzheim, Germany for six incredible weeks. During this time, I saw some amazing things, met many incredible people, and made memories that are among my fondest ever. I had the opportunity to drive a manual Trabant (an East German car from the Cold War era) around Berlin, eat locally raised German meats, and experience culture in an area of Germany not used to American students. The classes I took piqued my interest in automobiles and the automotive industry. I formed great connections with my professors who all had experience working in the industry I hope to be a part of some day. I am still in contact with several of my professors (one of whom is actually visiting State College) and my student buddy who is currently pursuing her masters degree at the same university where I studied (Hochshule Pforzheim). My favorite things to do in Germany included visiting the car factories and museums, eating at local Biergartens, and taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.