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Project 5: History of a Public Controversy Video


Project 5: History of a Public Controversy Video

Working in small groups, students will create a 7-9-minute multi-media text that explores, depicts, and makes an argument about the history of a controversy. The multi-media text could be created using iMovie or another multi-media platform.

The objectives of this assignment are:

to integrate the rhetorical skills you have been developing thus far in the course, especially with regard to the variety of rhetorical modes available in a digital context
to work as a team researching, designing, and presenting an informative text to the class.
to develop basic facility with a variety of multi-media tools
Your first job as a group will be to settle on a controversy that you will research. I would recommend selecting a controversy or issue at Penn State. The main goal of the multi-media text is to historicize this controversy in a lively, compelling, and well-organized way by asking and addressing compelling “framing questions” that give this issue enduring heft and dimension (we will discuss framing questions in class). The text your group produces should incorporate more than one medium–e.g., voice-overs, video, photographs, graphics, and/or written text.


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